So you finally took the outsourcing path. You were able to identify which tasks took up most of your time. You were able to identify which tasks need specific skill sets. You did your research and you were able to find a team of professionals ready to assist you in reaching your business goals. You finally have the time and freedom to work on things that matter most. But having an offshore team does not mean you can just leave them to their own devices. You are still the business owner and the team needs to know how you want to run your business and which way to take it.

I’m going to share with you five (5) ways on how to effectively manage your offshore team.

Get To Know Your Team

A good leader must always value his company’s employees. They are after all, assets to the company. Find out a little bit of themselves personally, their hobbies, their interests. Make that connection. This will help you build a good relationship and build that trust between you and your team. Who knows, you might find someone with the potential to become a great asset to your business.

Get A Manager To Assist You

As you grow your business, you need someone who can assist you with the managerial duties. This manager can help in finding, training and developing your team. Basically, you need another set of eyes to oversee the business. As you grow, a manager is necessary so you do not get bogged down by all the details of running the business.

Have Regular Team Meetings

Good teamwork and communication are some of the keys to a successful business. Regularly schedule team meetings to get valuable input from your team. This is great for the communication flow and really outlines expectations.

Visit In Person

Make time to actually go over to where your team is. Spend some time there. Get to know them personally and their surroundings. Who knows, you might learn something new or come up with fresh ideas that you can apply to your business plans.

Have A People Plan In Place On Who You Need Down The Track

 Having a people plan is essential if you want to grow. You need individuals who are ready to go if the need arises. This is really important when it comes to growth of your business. This will also be useful when further recruiting.


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