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Courage and Control

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How do you handle life’s monkey wrenches? Goals always come with unwanted, unexpected, unimaginable, uncontrollable aspects. You can count on that. Question is, how do you continue to manage your business when this happens?

It is our mission at GoalsTribe to give you the tools to succeed. One of those tools is teaching you to develop and maintain a courageous, indomitable spirit.

Indomitable spirit is not something taught in traditional business schools. It means you cannot – and WILL not – be overcome or conquered by any external OR internal events. It means you continue working toward your goals no matter the setbacks, obstacles and adversities you encounter. It means that you stubbornly refuse to take NO for an answer. It means that you still perform your role, with your greatest strength and enthusiasm, no matter what.

Does that sound like denial to you? It shouldn’t. Denial is a head-in-the-sand approach to life. Courage means you face problems and change head-on and maintain the indomitable mental toughness to persevere. Instead of allowing a situation to paralyze you, you use it to energize you into out-of-the-box creative problem solving. It doesn’t mean stubbornly clinging to methodology that doesn’t work (that’s denial); it means looking beyond your obstacles and reverse-engineering the ways to achieve the desired result.

This is a learned trait. It arises from one thing we all hate – practice. Developing the indomitable spirit that allows you to do anything you want means you have to learn to overcome being criticized, judged, opposed, attacked, ridiculed, rejected, ignored and even hated… takes time and extreme mental mastery. You can plan on falling – but will you rise again? You can expect to be pushed around – but will you push back?

Do you think that your finest moments come when you’re comfortably sitting at your desk… or during the worst adversity? You already know the answer.

How do you develop the courage and mental control that make or break your business goals?

1. Decide that courage is a choice.

2. Decide to be courageous for just 20 seconds today. You can do anything for 20 seconds…

3. Take a deep breath and DO SOMETHING BOLD for 20 seconds.

What can you do TODAY that takes 20 seconds? Now, don’t start protesting that you can’t do anything in 20 seconds. Oh, yes you can. You can dial that number you don’t want to dial and introduce yourself to the person you’re terrified of talking to (they will be much nicer than you expect); you can push SEND on an email that reminds your clients they are late in their payments to you or the proposal for the project you want to bid on. You can present your idea to the board at the meeting today, not by speaking but by using a visual aid that lets your idea speak for itself.

And you don’t have to limit yourself to one 20-second burst of courage, either. To develop your business and interpersonal skills, and master your mind and emotions so you can maximize your talents, contact GoalsTribe. Your success is our success, and to that end, we offer customized, in-depth business and personal goals coaching that will help you achieve all of your goals, even the ones that require the courage you think you don’t have – you can create it, and it’s our job to help you embody that courage!


Inspired by posts from Gary Ryan Blair at www.everythingcounts.com


Finding Purpose in the Business World

By Blogpost, purpose

If your ideal life includes spending your days happily doing what you love, there’s no reason you can’t leverage that passion into some serious money.

You don’t have to settle for a business model that doesn’t suit your personality; you don’t have to provide products or services that don’t resonate with you just for the sake of a good paycheck. If you’re a little creative and you believe that what you love to do can help others, you can make serious bank doing what you love. Here’s how:

1. Know yourself. What’s your passion? What do you feel happiest doing and sharing? Look at your activities; find the common thread and clarify what you gravitate toward time and time again. You may be a natural artist; you may enjoy number-crunching; you may love to install tile or design closets. If you have several different passions that seem to be unrelated, you can still morph them together into a fantastic new business… but first, get clear on what you would love to spend your time doing.

2. Identify a need in the marketplace. Start with thinking about your ideal clients. Never mind what you think they “should” be like; imagine and define your IDEAL clients; the types of people you would WANT to interact with and provide a service to on a daily basis. Where do they live? What do they do? What’s their income level? Education level? What are their interests and passions? And most of all, what do they need? How can what you love to do, fill that need? Imagine what you want the ideal scenario to look like.

3. Perfect your elevator pitch. If you were in an elevator with someone and you had 30 seconds to tell them what you do, what would you say? REFINE your elevator pitch until it’s second nature. No “ummm….”! No hesitation, not hunting for the right words. First impressions count and you never know who you might meet: it could be the perfect client, and your perfect client has friends. And they have friends.

4. Think about how your service or product can benefit your clients over time as opposed to providing a one-time benefit. Create packages; programs; repeat sales; identify add-on sales opportunities. Think about how you will stay in your clients’ awareness and maintain your relationship with them over time.

5. Leverage your spheres of influence. How can you help people you know? How you can help the people they refer to you? In the process, you might identify even more needs that are not being met by your competitors.

6. Create a compelling offer based on your client’s needs.

  • If your offer is compelling, it won’t sound like this: “Hi, I’m Jessica. I make homemade beauty products. Want to buy some?”
  • It will sound like this: “Hi, I’m Jessica. I’ve developed a skin care product line that addresses your concerns about toxic additives and environmental impact. All of my products are hand-crafted out of 100% natural ingredients that don’t irritate the skin and they’re completely safe for babies. Do you have any skin problems that might benefit from a natural skin care product?”

7. Design a delivery system (the nuts and bolts of delivering a product or service). Map it out exactly. If you create tangible objects, how long does it take to create one for a client? If you provide services, how long do you schedule for each client?

You have certain talents and interests for a reason. They are there to be shared. So boldly take those passions and create a business plan and start making money doing what you love!


Inspired by a blog post by Ann Welch of www.ideallifevision.com


What accountants should really be telling you about your business!

By Blogpost, Entrepreneurship


Now this is a topic that is sure to get some interest?

What should your accountant be really telling you when you start your business?

There are so many things business owners must do when venturing out to take on the world. However, getting your business finances right initially is one THE MOST IMPORTANT…

Do you actually have a business that is potentially profitable?

Do you have a business that is solvent?

What is the best business structure right for you and your business goals?

Not being an accountant and having to stop by advice and preaching here. We are about to call upon the experts to set the record straight.

To provide some long awaited answers for those business owners that are overwhelmed with what to do, not sure what to ask, and just don’t know!

GoalsTribe is excited to release a webinar super series that answers these questions plus loads loads more.

Our first session is this coming Wednesday 11th July at 12noon (Sydney time). We decided to call upon the leaders of the industry’s, the go-to people when it comes to getting the straight answers and content rich information.

This Wednesday we will firing all the wanted questions to the one and only Joe Pien from Joe Pien Chartered Accountants regarding “What accountants should really be telling you about your business.”

Check out Joe’s profile and find out more by going to https://www4.gotomeeting.com/register/257474151

Clear the diary, bring your colleagues and tune into the first part series of the GoalsTribe Webinars

Have a profitable day


The GoalsTribe Team