One of your responsibilities as a leader is to look out for your team. As the leader, you are the driving force that motivates your team towards the company’s business goals. Achieving those goals will lead your company to growth and with growth comes the need for other leaders to help you manage your growing company. This is one of the realities that you will have to face when expanding your business. You cannot do everything alone. Even a small business needs people to manage the different aspects of the business. No matter how good you are, everybody has their limits and you are no exception. The sooner you understand that you need help managing your business, the sooner you will achieve your goals.

Hiring individuals to help you manage your team comes with a new set of challenges. One of them is unknowingly hiring bad leaders or leaders who develop bad habits over time. The damage that it can cause your company as a whole can be avoided or minimized if you are able to identify those characteristics as soon as possible.

Power Tripping

A good leader empowers not only those under him or his team but also others. A bad leader lets their position go to their heads. Instead of helping members of the team succeed they do the exact opposite – they boost their own self-worth at the expense of others. Leadership is about guiding and not exerting control over others.

Not Taking Accountability

Whether a project has a positive or negative outcome, a leader should always take responsibility. A good leader does not only take credit for positive results but also own up to negative results. It is easier to point fingers when a project does not go so well. The point is, bad leaders take the easy way out. Good leaders learn from bad experiences and make improvements in future projects.

Not Listening

I always stress the importance of communication when running a business. Think of your company as a team with a common goal. If there is no solid communication between the team members then progress towards your common goal would be painfully slow and inefficient. The leaders in your company should be the ones fostering open communication between themselves and their team. On the opposite end, bad leaders do not listen, do not give feedback or let others give their feedback.