Every business starts out small but once it experiences success, the next step of the journey would be to grow. When you were just starting out, the first goal you have in mind for your business would be to have a successful launch followed by stability. Once you have achieved those, it is very rare for entrepreneurs to only settle for those things. Being able to successfully build a business boosts our self-confidence and pushes us to do more. We want to see how far we can go and that is where the idea of expanding or growing the business comes into play. However, growing a business poses a new set of challenges.

Growing a business means hiring more people which in turn means you now have a growing team in your hands. Hiring the right people is just the first challenge. The second would be how to manage a growing team. It was relatively easy the first time when your team is only composed of a few team members who share the same passion and drive as yours. Now, depending on how much growth you want to achieve, your team can double or even triple in size. From a leadership point of view, how can you handle this growing team?

Deliver Your Vision

In any business, the best investment is always going to be the people. New team members not only need to know their roles within the company but also your vision for the business. Take the time to talk with the new guys and share your vision with them. Remember how you started with a small team with the same vision as yours? This is basically the same concept with a much larger team. Share with them your vision and the roles they will play in the future success of the company.

Empower And Trust Your Leaders

Since you are now growing as a company, it is only natural to assign leaders to your growing team. Most likely, these team leaders were once team members when you were just starting out. They’ve worked under you and already know how you want things done. The best part is, they are already invested in the success of the company. Trust and empower them. Give them a sense of autonomy and allow them to become leaders. Let them apply what they have learned from you. There is nothing like the feeling of seeing someone you mentored doing their own thing.