How Engaged Are You?

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It is another week! And we are on our way again to face new challenges, learn from them and share whatever it is that we know will help us in the future.

So, today I want to share with you about ENGAGEMENT.

How engaged are you? How engaged are you in what you do and what you learn?

Engage with People with the same Goal

Little story to segway this into this quick little topic today. A number of years ago, I was fortunate enough to help out the Rich Dad Crew, Robert Kiyosaki.

I was up in a live event up in the Gold Coast. Gosh! This was close to 15, 16 years ago – and, I looked around and these people are coming in time and time again to learn and to grow.

And I start to question these people – so, what have you done between these courses? What have you done between then and now? And you could see, you could hear the blankness.

So what we did, what I actually did is I formed a relationship with nine other people who are actually from Sydney, but they are up at Gold Coast for this event. And we formed a “Master Mind” group.

From that Master Mind group, we met for – I think it was close to three years every single fortnight – and we implemented our learnings. We implemented what we’re taught, what we learnt from previous courses, from books, from what we discovered throughout the fortnight.

And being held accountable to a group was so powerful. Knowing that you had to report in what you were going to do over the last fortnight, which is huge. So much different from, I guess, going one on one.

The whole group environment where you had ten people around looking at you going – “hey, dude! You’re committed to this? What happened? What worked?” This somehow led me to fast forward to today.

What’s next?

“How engaged are you?” That question has kept me thinking what my next step would be and how I can make it meaningful. So, we read books, we attend courses, we were taking programs. But what do you do? What’s your strategy to maintain your own engagement? How do you maintain your own engagement?

What do you do once you read a book? Do you just go – “Ah, that was nice!”, then put it back in the shelf and away you go? Or do you actually take notes and do you highlight, and you go write this next month I’m going to implement X?

What do you do about your courses? What do you do about podcasts? How do you implement the material? Because, knowledge is great. Knowledge is fantastic. But unless you have the implementation of that knowledge, it’s just knowledge.

And so, I’m going to ask you guys today. How are you maintaining your engagement? How do you ensure that you are engaged in what you do? And how do you ensure that you take that engagement, and you take action?

So, there we go! How engaged are you in what you do and what you learned?

I’d love to hear your thoughts. I’d love to hear your comments. Comment below on how you keep engaged and looking forward to speaking to you soon.

The Power of Asking the Right Questions

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Well, another week has done and dusted.

How’s your week been? What’s been some of the highlights? What’s been some of the things you’ve achieved through-out the week?

Let’s just check in and review what key lessons and key wins we want to share with everyone.

This week, it’s all about the different flavors and theme of QUESTIONS.

Now, I’m a strong believer of the quality of questions is equals the quality of your results and therefore the quality of your life. So, what questions are you asking on a daily basis? Not just to your clients, your customers, your team, but to yourself.

If you are not the type to ask yourself questions, start now. Make it a habit to ask questions – in your personal life, at work, and especially in business – keep asking questions.

When you start asking questions, you will find out if the current situation or status can be improved. You can see the areas that still need some work. And you will see opportunities in places that you have not noticed before.

Now that you know what asking questions can do to improve your situation, you know that there’s no limit to the questions that you can ask yourself. But in order to see results – you need to be asking the right questions. So how do you know if you are asking the RIGHT questions?

There’s a series of 12 questions that we go through each and every time when we review and set some accountability, ownership over responsibility with the team. Here are some of them to help you reflect on the current state of your business:

  • Do you have the right resources?
  • Do you have the right ‘why’?
  • Do you have the right commitment?
  • What has worked?
  • What hasn’t worked?
  • What are some of the key lessons?
  • What are some of the things we need to be doing differently next week?

After going through all these, ask yourself – what questions do you ask yourself on a regular basis? Now, we can go many different ways and many different avenues from this – the whole “why,” right?

“Why are we doing this? Why are we doing that?

I’d like to know – what are some of the most powerful questions that you’ve asked on yourself and you’ve asked of others in the past?

So, what are some of your wins and lessons throughout the week, and what are some of your questions.

Turning Challenges into Opportunities

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Every time the week ends, it’s a great opportunity for me to review the week, and use these realizations to help me face the next week with a fresh mindset.

So, what’s been happening? What’s been some of the wins, some successes, some lessons along the way? Here in Sydney town, it’s a beautiful sunny day out there today. It’s sweltering hot! Hopefully you’ve got the beach and cool off throughout the day.

Again, this is a great way to review the week. What’s been some of the wins? What’s been some of the lessons? Love to hear those wins and those lessons. Comment below, and yeah, let’s see how you’ve gone.

Lesson 1: Keep Challenging Yourself

Now, looking at a good lesson from this morning’s training session. I’m training up for our next event, which is coming up in February, which is the Tarawera Ultra Marathon. It’s a 100k in Rotorua in New Zealand, and that’s in February.

So, training up and back on the stairs, Coogee death stairs – so to speak. It’s about 200 plus stairs there, and I’m training with this mate this morning.

As I was doing 10 steps and was up to my 9th set – about to stop on my 10th – and I suddenly noticed that he has just got on to his 4th of his set. Anyway, he’s obviously gone through some ups and downs at the moment, through some challenges.

Instinctively, I looked back at him and said, “Mate, alright! Last set! Here are the rules. There’s no walking and we’ve got to go to the top. And you got to lead the way.

And he goes, “Yeah! You’re on.

Then I said, “If we walk, we’re going to do another set.

He goes, “DONE!

Then, what happened was, in previous set – I’ve gone halfway and have a little bit of walk, and go again, and so forth, and so forth. This last set was a game changer. What happened was that he obviously made through that whole 200 plus stairs without walking, and he lead the way.

And I said, “What a great metaphor in life.

  1. You knew the rules that you need to be playing by.
  2. You finished it and you completed it to the end.
  3. There was no walking, you jogged it all the way.
  4. You led the pack.

Lesson 2: Learn from Your Challenges

I finally said to him, take those lessons now into your day, into your week – and watch what happens. And now, this is where exercise can draw upon so many amazing lessons that we can utilize in our own life.

You know, that little self-talk that the challenges, you know – working by yourself or working with your mate, or working in a group. Always different components, we can take a lot of those lessons into your day to day, into your business life.

So there we go, some lessons learned from training this morning. What’s been some of your wins? What’s been some of your lessons?

Love to hear your thought. Please comment below and looking forward to speaking to your soon.

Achieve Your Goals Through Focus

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Oh my goodness!

Where has the weeks gone? It is flying throughout the moment. Can you believe it, next thing we know the year’s over.

So, I think there’s only around about five more weeks to go before the big man comes down the chimney. I hope you got your stockings ready to go out and all the lovely decorations.

I can’t believe the other day, when I was in the shops, I saw the Christmas decorations ready to go out already. Can you believe it? Absolutely amazing.

Every end of the week, it is a great opportunity to review the week of the wins that you’ve had, and also the lessons you’ve had throughout the week. It’s a great time to stop, reflect and go through the four (4) debriefing questions that I always recommend clients to go through.

Let’s Review

So firstly, what has worked for you for this week? What has been some of the wins? What are you most proud of throughout this week?

Secondly, what are the challenges? What’s some of the things that you’ve not finished? What’s been some of the setbacks?

Third one is, what are the key lessons? What have you learned from this week? And finally, what do you need to be doing next week?

Going through those four (4) debriefing questions enables you to really stop, reflect and go – “You know what? Yeah, let’s acknowledge yourself, let’s acknowledge the team – of what’s happened throughout the week.”

Aside from the four debriefing questions, it’s also good to consider and review these three components:

  1. What are some of the things that you know, we may be a little bit stuck on?
  2. How can we enroll others to assist and move through those process?
  3. And lastly, and the most obvious is, LESSONS.

This is a great point! How do we learn from our wins, setbacks and so forth – to then do some of the things a little bit differently for the next week.

What are your lessons this week?

Some of the lessons I want to share with you of what I’ve learned this week is how I love the lesson that exercise gives me. This is why I do some of these crazy runs, right?

Exercise gives me some amazing lessons personally and also for life in general. So, as you may or may not know I do these crazy runs – I just finished a 250 kilometer run through the Simpson Desert for over six (6) days. Crazy stuff!

And now I’m training for our next race. It’s a 100K run in Rotorua, in New Zealand coming up on February next year. So I’m back on this training plan – and the other day I was with a mate, Jason, and we were going up Coogee Stairs. And for those who know it, South Coogee Stairs are amazing, right? There are about 222 stairs there, it’s fantastic! When you get to the half-way, you think you’re already there and you’re only half-way right?

So, we’re going up and down, and we’re doing this set of stairs. And on the second last set, what happened was – while I was going up, a thought came into my mind. And that thought led me down a rabbit-hole.

I was thinking of too many things at once – things that I had to do, unfinished work that I had to complete, which were completely unrelated to what I was doing at that very moment. I was so caught up with other things that I lost my focus and forgot what I was supposed to be doing.

The next thing I know, I looked up and Jason was already about 15-20 meters in front. I was just there, then suddenly my thought process was just completely down this rabbit-hole of this and that – and then what I need to do and this and that.

The moment I got to the top, I said to him, “Mate! That was like, I went down a complete rabbit hole!”

And he was like, “Yeah, I was just about to shout out to you what actually happened. Where were you? Where was your head?” Because he could see me going down this rabbit-hole.

It made me realize how quickly I, and obviously talking to clients and the others out there – how quickly we can go down the rabbit-holes in life.

How quickly we can, you know, by a shiny ball or a thought – can take us off the path, can take us off focus, and can take us off where we really need to be.

And so, what I did – I did a massive awareness around how quickly our mind can shift us into different thoughts and different avenues.

With that, a new realization came – when we came around and did our last lap – I have to stay true to the intention of what I needed to do. Stay true to the focus of where I need to go – that is, to get up those stairs. And when we got up to that last set, I was side by side with Jason, and he goes, “Welcome back!”

Focus: Why is it important?

And so, the lesson is – when we’re doing a task, when we’re doing an activity, obviously, keep the focus of the outcome. Keep the intention of why you’re doing the task. Keep the focus of, “this is why we’re doing it, this is how we’re doing it and this is what we’re doing.”

When we stay true to that focus, when we stay true to that intention – you get the results so much quicker. Rather than going down the rabbit-holes, rather than going the shiny balls – and this is a massive lesson that we had throughout the day. And this is the power of getting out there and reviewing your week.

So, what are your wins? What are some your successes? What are some of your lessons throughout the week?

Love to hear your thoughts. Comment below and share how you keep focus and achieve your goals in life and in your career.

Making Big Decisions in Business

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Someone said to me the other day, “you know what? There are only a few weeks until Christmas.

Can you believe it!? Things probably shorten them. So hopefully we’ll be seeing, maybe not hopefully seeing those Christmas decorations out shortly.

Let’s take this opportunity again to review your week. Always here at the Tribe, we take stuff and look at what’s been some of the wins and some of the lessons. What are the things that we’re proud of? Some of the things, well you know, maybe a little bit outstanding? What are the key lessons along the way?

So, what has been some of the wins and some of the lessons that you’ve achieved this week? I’d love to hear what are you most proud of. What are the aha! moments you have learned along the way?

One of the things that we go through with our clients is how to actually make the big decisions in their business.

I just shot a cool little video in our group called “The Real Estate Tribe” on this topic, and if you want to find out more about this video – just comment below “Tribe” and I’ll send you the link to this awesome little group.

Start Making Big Decisions

So often we get in a crossroad and we get confused. We get at a rabbit hole of “how do we make these big decisions?” You know, we get so ingrained in the rabbit hole and we can’t see the light – we can’t see the goal post, we can’t see the light at the end of the forest.

It is easy for us to make small decisions like what to eat. We often do not give it a lot of thought, but we get stumped when making major decisions – be it personal, or business. We get stuck in a limbo for weeks or even months.

And this video, what I did is show people how to actually walk you through that process of making the big decisions.

So, I’m happy to share the video with you. Just simply type-in ‘Tribe’ below and I’ll add you to our cool little Tribe that shares some of these great little tools and techniques.

So, what are some of your wins? What are some of your lessons throughout this week? Love to hear your thoughts, love to hear your comments.

There you go! Short but sweet.

How to Deal with Pain and Overcome Challenges

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It is another day and here we are again to share some of the insights that we’ve gained for the week.

Let me start by sharing some of those highlights from the Big Red Run which I participated in a few months back. And one of the important insights that I want to share to you is using the power of breath to deal with pain.

Now, yeah – 250K run. Yeah! Pretty crazy in relation to distance. How do you actually deal with pain that goes through that race?

Obviously you’re running marathon, after marathon, after marathon – and then on the big day you’ve got 84Ks. Your body goes through different cycles of in and out and obviously, dealing with your mental demons – but also the physical pain.

I want to share with you how I got through the physical challenges along the way.

The doctor at the briefing said, “Please do not take any Voltaren or any Nurofen.”

And I wanted to know, “Why? Why?” And they said, “It can actually cause kidney failure.”

Anyway, a couple of runners didn’t listen. They’re in a lot of pain and they actually took Nurofen and Voltaren, and the next minute they started to wee blood. So they were pulled straight away because their kidneys were failing.

Obviously out in the desert, you’re in the middle of nowhere – there’s no resources, there’s a doctor at each check station but you just got to deal with it as you go through.

From your feet – all blistered, it’s the mind games. And it’s so powerful what the mind can actually do.

The Power of Breathing

One of the things, one of the strategies is obviously going through and breathing through where that pain was.

The power of the breath is so important. No matter if it’s dealing with emotional or mental pain – just tapping into your breathing is absolutely quite phenomenal.

The breath is a truly underrated thing. When we’re stressed, what happens? We hold our breath. When we’re anxious, what do we do? We hold our breath.

And the more I see working with clients is, if you just breathe through it, you get the answers.

Because what happens if we don’t breathe, we go into that fight-or-flight mechanism, everything tenses up and we don’t relax our body and the whole mind doesn’t relax.

So, one of the powerful things I’m going to suggest to you throughout this week is, just to be aware of your breath.

You don’t have to run a crazy race, you don’t have to do any race – but watch your breathing when you’re doing certain activities.

Watch your breath when you make your phone calls. When you’re talking to your team. Watch your breathing when you’re doing your presentation.

Where do you breathe from? Is it a shallow breath or is it deep belly breath? And the more you can actually be aware of your breathing, the more in control you can be of your mental state, emotional state and obviously, your physical state.

The power of the breath is crucial on how to deal with pain, and how to actually overcome certain obstacles and challenges along the way.

So, there we go! Let’s breathe more. It does help.

Chunking: Bringing Structure into Your Business

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Welcome to another opportunity where we share some insights to help you get ready to rock-and-roll and tackle the week ahead.

I want to start by sharing with you a little story about something that we’re going to be talking about today which is called CHUNKING. Sounds like a meat pie, doesn’t it?

What is Chunking?

So often I hear and see when working with people is that they’ve got so much to do. They are busy all the time and it seems that they have so much on their plate.

But when we actually look at it, there’s usually a number of key areas that if we can compile all these things into these certain areas. It will make the “overwhelm” and the frustration disappear.

When we go through this process called chunking, what it enables you to do is to really look at things a little bit differently. Because what usually holds us back is the overwhelm and the over frustration of where do we go? What do we do first? and so forth.

Chunking is a really good process to bring all that craziness into some structure.

If you look at three key areas within your business or within your life, there’s always different chunks that go into different bite-size pieces, which goes into those key areas.

It could be team, it could be prospecting, or it could be admin.

What is the Importance of Chunking?

The first step in chunking is identify those big rocks.

Those big areas within your life or within your business. And then, all your to-do-lists and all your daily activities will be into that.

And if you look at what is the key outcome – what’s the key outcome to that overall task, that overall big rock – a lot of those things underneath will actually end up become less important or that’ll disappear.

Because what happens is, we get so caught up in the stuff.

We get so caught up in the “doing this,”  when we need to step up and have a look at what’s the key outcome to this big rock and the reason why.

When we come from that key space of what’s the key outcome and what’s the “why,” all those little things will become less important. It will eventually become irrelevant that we don’t need to do anymore.

So there’s the importance of chunking.

Let’s really make sure we smash out this week with your chunking.

I’d love to hear if you have any questions or any comments – just comment below and let’s have a chat about chunking.

Motivational Tips for Slackers

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Okay, I’m sure you don’t consider yourself a slacker. You work hard and have the best interests of your business in mind. But let’s face it. Sometimes, all the mojo seems to go out the window and you feel disconnected, scattered, unmotivated, frustrated, overwhelmed and tired of the daily grind. And there goes your productivity…

Don’t throw out your to-do list, and don’t stare at it blankly while dreaming of seaside holidays.

A motivational slump can go on for days, sometimes. Not good! Here are a few ways to jump-start your engine again and get you focused and on track.

1. A to-do list can be dauntingly huge. Make a “hit list” instead – a list of the most unpleasant, difficult and intimidating things you have to do. Get them out of the way first thing in the morning. That includes all the stuff you’ve been procrastinating on. Get it out of your hair! Take one one or two of these energy-suckers every day and build some massive satisfaction.

2. Delegate and outsource what you can, so you can focus on the things you love. It’s worth a bit of cash to have other people do the things you’d rather not do. In the long run, you’ll be mentally fresher, more motivated, more focused and more driven if you aren’t saddled with tasks that you are just not suited for!

3. Chunk it. A huge part of creating a masterful plan of action is breaking tasks down into their smallest action components. What can you realistically accomplish on a given task in a day? Break that down into hour-long chunks, and if possible, into even smaller increments of 10-15 minutes. You can make yourself focus and do anything for a very short time!

4. Turn off the alarms. All those beeps, bings and chirps are distracting and oh, so tempting. Set aside a time to answer emails and return calls. Just not while you’re focused.

5. Commit to your goals. If you’re working on a project that is outside of your normal daily routine, make yourself spend 15-30 minutes on that project every day. Yes, at the expense of something else. Everyone has some underused time in their day (TV,commuting, waiting, etc.) that can be put to productive use.

6. Step away from it. But on the flip side, you do need a mental and physical break from your work. Chunking allows you to take multiple mini-breaks throughout the day. Take them!!! Eat a healthy snack; go for a brisk walk; indulge in a little Facebook. Just take yourself away from what you’re focused on. You’ll come back fresh and motivated.

7. Keep your workspace organised and motivating. Have some visual representations of your goals hanging in your workspace. Keep your space clean and tidy. 5 minutes of daily cleanup at the end of the day will give you a chance to reflect on the day’s work, set the stage for the next day’s awesomeness, and remind you of any unfinished business that you’ll need to tend to.

Even when you just don’t feel like doing anything, you can keep going toward your goals with a few short bursts of intense activity. C’mon – you can do anything for 15 minutes, right! Go do it!


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