How To Make A Championship Team

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In the last couple of weeks, I’ve been fortunate enough to do some amazing interviews in our podcast. And with those interviews, what we do is we talk about teams and we talk about what makes up a championship team.

There are a number of things when it comes to really leading and building these championship teams. And from the feedback that we’re getting, LEADERSHIP always came out on top as one of the major components of what makes a championship team.

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Be the Boss of You

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bossIf you’re tired of the corporate grind, or you’re done with slaving away for someone else’s dream, entrepreneurship probably looks really, really enticing.

Entrepreneurship is alive and well. Thousands of new businesses open every year worldwide, and if you go about it with the right mindset, you’ll succeed. Are you ready to be your own boss? The rewards can be awesome but it’s not for the faint-hearted.

If you’re wondering if you’re really ready to hang your shingle and put out the OPEN sign, there are a few areas you must consider:

1. Are you ready to embrace change, step into the unknown and do things you’ve never done… and do things you’ve always done but differently? Lesson #1 is that although it might seem like a monumental change to take the leap into entrepreneurship, change is already happening all the time, all around you and within you. Take a little while to lay some groundwork. Write down where you’re doing well in life, and what you’ve done to be successful there. That will give you some confidence. Next, realize that although quitting your job and going out on your own is huge, you don’t have to do it all in one fell swoop. Many people start a side biz and then make it full-time when the time is right. No need to starve while you wait for your first checks to come in, even if you don’t have a substantial nest egg that you can live off for some time.

2. Are you ready to challenge the status quo and do things differently? Here again some introspection will prove very valuable. What are your strengths? Weaknesses? What can you learn from your weaknesses and what can you do differently to strengthen those areas? Keep doing what a) feels right and b) yields good results – and don’t be afraid to radically or subtly change what isn’t working.

boss 23. Are you ready to give up control? The fact is, unless your business is very, very small and you have but a few clients, you’re eventually going to need to delegate or even outsource. You simply cannot do it all, and have any joy in what you’re doing – and you certainly won’t have a life outside your business. You MUST give up control. Focus on what you are good at, and cheerfully delegate the rest. Give people a sense of pride and ownership in the company and let them handle things in their own way – it might not be your way, but as long as it’s effective, it’s a good way! Always be open to alternatives. Remember, it’s not “your way or the highway” unless you’re a third-world dictator.

4. Do not be a victim. Always take 100% responsibility for everything in your company. You cannot be passive as a boss and blame your employees (you were managing them, right?); you cannot blame the economy (vast fortunes are made in the worst depressions); you cannot blame poor marketing strategies (without blaming yourself, because you approved them, right?). Of course you cannot possibly be expected to know and master every aspect of business but the quicker you take responsibility, LEARN from the situation and redirect your efforts, the quicker you’ll bounce back and succeed.

5. Finally, HAVE FUN! That’s why you’re in this, right? Enjoy the hell out of your business. Pour your passion, enthusiasm, curiosity and good energy into it. Laugh as much as you can at your own foibles and screw-ups. Bounce even higher every time you fall and know that for every second you’re spending on your business is a second you are spending on YOUR dream.


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What accountants should really be telling you about your business!

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Now this is a topic that is sure to get some interest?

What should your accountant be really telling you when you start  your business?

There are so many things business owners must do when venturing out to take on the world. However, getting your business finances right initially is one THE MOST IMPORTANT…

Do you actually have a business that is potentially profitable?

Do you have a business that is solvent?

What is the best business structure right for you and your business goals?

Not being an accountant and having to stop by advice and preaching here. We are about to call upon the experts to set the record straight.

To provide some long awaited answers for those business owners that are overwhelmed with what to do, not sure what to ask, and just don’t know!

GoalsTribe is excited to release a webinar super series that answers these questions plus loads loads more.

Our first session is this coming Wednesday 11th July at 12noon (Sydney time). We decided to call upon the leaders of the industry’s, the go-to people when it comes to getting the straight answers and content rich information.

This Wednesday we will firing all the wanted questions to the one and only Joe Pien from Joe Pien Chartered Accountants regarding “What accountants should really be telling you about your business.”

Check out Joe’s profile and find out more by going to https://www4.gotomeeting.com/register/257474151 

Clear the diary, bring your colleagues and tune into the first part series of the GoalsTribe Webinars

Have a profitable day


The GoalsTribe Team

What Can We Learn From Our Tribal Ancestors?

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There was a great article that was sent to me during the week about how a company in the USA uses traditional tribal practices to help business leaders strategize business processes, agree on major decisions, and enrol whole teams to guide their business forward. It was a great article!

It also started to make me think how GoalsTribe has similar principles in that business owners coming together to share experiences, knowledge, goals to help them grow and manage their business. Also the use of a tribal leader (coach) that facilitates the session, making sure they keep on track and are outcomed focused.

Business can learn so much from different environments and context’s. Not just tribes, but also the sporting arena – working as a team, having a common goal, strategies, etc etc… Taking the lessons from these different arenas, and implementing them makes business more enjoyable and approaching it from a different angle.

Using this tribal example, what else can we learn from these ancient ancestors that can help our business grow?

Collaborative thinking – groups of people working together to solve problems.

Listening – each person that speaks holds the “talking stick” and everyone’s attention is on that person, not thinking about their own points or views, but actively listening to the person speaking and assisting that person solve the specific problem.

Tribal leader – someone that brings the group together, and facilitates the session, which allows everyone to contribute and provide value.

Do you have any other ideas or initiatives that we can learn from our ancient tribes? Would love to hear your thoughts.

Till next time

James Short