Motivation is NOT Enough

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It’s Monday! A new opportunity to start our week right.

Nice and wet outside, but hey, it doesn’t hold you back from achieving what you want to achieve for the week.

So, Monday Magic Moments, opportunity to really start the week fresh. Start the week with some excitement. Start the week with some clarity, direction and some focus.

Motivation is NOT Enough

So I often I hear – “Yeah, I just want to be motivated. I just want to get more motivation. I just want have someone motivate me.”

All well and good! You know you can watch the videos, you can listen to the music, you can listen to the personal development stuff – but that’s going to give you a quick fix.

Those things can only give you a little electric shock. That’s going to give you the little thing that’s gonna jump start you. But that’s not enough to keep you going.

Coming up tomorrow and Wednesday, we have what we call out GoalsTribe Intensive which will bring all our clients together for two days to work on themselves and also on their business. To really get re-focus, re-strategize and really get clarity of where the next quarter needs to be.

What comes after Motivation?

What happens is that the motivation where they get really excited to come to this event is fantastic – they leave really pumped. But what happens next is so crucial, and there are two components in relations to utilizing that motivation and how do you actually make it everlasting. And there are two key components.

One is obviously having really clear goals that you actually working towards. That will enable you to maintain your motivation.

What are your goals? Are they specific? Are they measurable? Are they attainable? Are they relevant? Are they time orientated?

We know the SMART principle! That’s one component.

And the other component is, are they compelling enough? – “What is your why?”

When we have the clear, concise goals and we have the why – that is going to maintain the motivation. That’s going to maintain our drive. That’s going to maintain us moving forward to actually achieving what we want to achieve.

That’s why motivation is not enough, but having clear, concise goals and having your why – enables you to really instill that motivation day in and day out.

There we go! Monday Magic Moment. Love to hear what your goals are maybe? Or what is your why?

Love to hear! Comment below and looking forward to speaking to you soon.

Believe What You Want to See

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Visualisation is one of the most powerful tools in goal setting and achieving.

If you can see the goal, see the prize, in your mind’s eye then you’ll be much more likely to achieve it.

As A.L. Linall, Jr. said, “Visualization and belief in a pattern of reality, activates the creative power of realization.”

If you believe you can’t visualise, let me challenge that.

You worry.

Whenever you worry, you are visualising a terrible outcome. You are imagining something that might happen, something that isn’t real.

So… there is no reason you can’t perform a mind shift and start visualising what can go wrong.

It takes time to perfect the art of positive visualisation. It takes time to get to the point where you believe what you see, and where your mind can’t tell the difference between the visualisation and reality (and your mind is no longer arguing that the visualisation and reality don’t match). For example, if you’re struggling financially, you probably worry like hell about how you’re going to make it through the month on what little money you have. You look at your bank statement and sure enough, it’s down to the bare bones. Heavy dose of reality!

And then you’re up all night worrying because of that reality.

But… you can de-stress and focus on what you want to go right. This isn’t some silly imagination game that kids play. It’s a creative force!

Visualise your ideal outcome, regardless of where you’re starting right now. See what you want to see. In the above example, instead of seeing yourself being evicted from your home and having your car repossessed, visualise yourself doing something you are good at and something you love to do, and being handsomely compensated for it. Visualise those numbers in your bank account going up and up and up.

Do this again and again, over and over, persistently (for at least 30-90 days) until that image becomes as normal to you as the terrible images that come from your worried imagination.

What’s really stunning about this is that when this visualisation imprints in your subconscious mind, you will naturally and effortlessly start seeing ways to make it happen!

Your brain will be primed for action. It will recognise your visualisation as a command because it likes to match your physical reality to what’s in your imagination.

You’ve heard the phrases, “What you think about, comes about,” or “Ask, and ye shall receive.” Your mental image is the command, the asking – and then your brain sets to work making it happen! You’ll notice people, situations, resources and opportunities come up out of nowhere. And if you unhesitatingly take action on these things that come into your awareness, you will very quickly transform your situation and your visualisation will become your reality.

Or, you can keep worrying and let that become your reality.

You choose.


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Accelerate Your Long-Term Goals

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If you’re going to reach your business goals, you have to be structured and organised. We all know this – that a little planning and sticking to the plan will get you where you want to be.

But… what if you could reach some of your long-term goals faster than you predict? It is possible, if you change how you do certain things.

Here’s how many of us work our goals: inspiration hits, and we work like madmen (or madwomen) until a) we finish the project or b) abandon it because it’s too hard, it has become too boring, or something else captures our attention. This is a recipe for repeated failure! Here’s how to do it right and actually get things done, fast:

1. Use your imagination to work backwards. This helps you visualise what needs to happen. It helps you create a workable, sustainable plan of action, breaking it down from the big goal to intermediate goals, to daily actions.

2. Do a little every day. Let’s say your business would get a huge boost if you wrote a book. Does your timeline say, “complete book by year’s end”? Well, that’s lovely, but are you scheduling time EVERY DAY to write? Don’t wait around for inspiration! Don’t wait around for extra time! Nothing is going to happen unless you make it happen! Inspiration comes easily when you roll up your sleeves and get to work. Extra time magically appears when you work on your goal every single day. And… discipline yourself. Do your most important tasks when you are mentally and physically fresh. You’ll blast through whatever needs doing with enthusiasm and energy. This good feeling will stay with you all day, making it easy to create a habit of daily action (the good feeling, as well as seeing major progress, is your daily reward for making yourself do it!).

3. Make it public. The more people you tell about your goal, the more real it will become in your head. And you never know – you might casually mention your goal to someone and they might have the answer to a question that’s been holding you back!

4. Make it simple. Don’t chase too many rabbits. Narrow your focus to a few key goals.

5. Track it. Keep a daily log (or journal or diary) of what you’ve done that day for each goal. This will help motivate you as well as point out the precise moment (decision) you may have made a mistake.

6. The secret ingredient? Be present. Be here, now. Give everything you do (not just your projects and goals) 100% attention. You’ll get everything done faster and better because of your full concentration.

You can do more than you think you can, if you set your mind to it!

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How Your Story Creates (or Un-Creates) Your Goal

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What sort of stories are you telling about your goals? Are your stories full of enthusiasm, belief and action, or are they full of excuses and ‘becauses’? You may now know how important it is to tell the right story. The truth is, your Word is more powerful than you think. Have you noticed that the happiest people tell the most positive stories and the most miserable people tell stories of suffering and woe?

The thing is, it’s not the circumstances that create the story, it’s the story that creates the circumstances!

Your internal narrative and the way you talk to other people is a critical component of success. Your Word has energy behind it. If you say things like, “I’m sick and tired of… then you will actually become sick, and tired! If you say things like, “I love the challenge of…!” then you will approach the day with enthusiasm and drive. How does this work?

Try this little experiment, right now. Take a few minutes with no interruptions. Sit quietly and relax. Your first task is to say, “Nothing good ever happens to me.” Say it to yourself several times, and feel the physical reaction in your body. No matter what your mood was when you started, guaranteed, you are feeling blue now! We humans are emotional creatures. Our moods dictate our actions (otherwise it wouldn’t be so hard to stick to a diet). By creating a negative mood, you subconsciously sabotage your goals because now you just don’t feel like doing anything – because no matter what you do, “nothing good ever happens to me.”

The next step is to completely change the scenario. Paste a BIG smile on your face. I mean the biggest, cheesiest, silliest smile you can manage. It is physiologically impossible to smile and feel angry or sad! You can’t hold on to that negativity! Then, say to yourself, “Everything is coming together for me.” And feel the energy in your body change. Do you feel like taking action on your goals now? Sure you do! It feels good, and right, and the positive energy has totally transformed your ability to achieve!

Listen to yourself and see what sort of story you’re telling – do this any time you’re feel frustrated or stuck and you’ll notice that you’re telling yourself a story of drama, suffering, failure and all sorts of negativity.

Throw that story as far as you can and re-write it! We are hard-wired to tell stories. Our minds constantly attempt to explain what is going on around us – and that’s the key element right there – it’s the mind’s interpretation of an event that writes the story!

And YOU control your mind – when you are aware of what’s going on you can imprint the right thoughts in your mind, and then you can’t help but succeed!

Facts in and of themselves are just facts. Just raw data. It’s the story we create around them that dictates our experience! Think about that. If you took two people and put them in the same situation, their stories would be completely different.

Each story we tell is a complex tale that mixes our beliefs with current events, past events and emotions, and this goulash is what we tell ourselves and others. The thing is, much of the time these stories are created unconsciously and out of habit. And you can change your story, any time you want. You can go from:

  • Nothing ever works out
  • There’s too much competition, how will I stand out?
  • I wish I had time to do stuff I love
  • I would take care of myself better if I didn’t have so much work!
  • I’m not smart enough…
  • I’m not good enough…
  • It takes money to make money
  • Money is hard to come by


  • Everything works out perfectly – even if it’s not how I anticipated, I receive valuable lessons from this situation.
  • For every talent and gift, there is an audience.
  • I do what I love, because I choose to focus on what is important to me
  • I make the time to take excellent care of myself
  • I’m smart and I’m always looking for new knowledge and skills
  • I’m capable and resourceful, and I’m always finding creative ways to accomplish things
  • I’m resourceful and aware and I constantly notice opportunities to make money
  • The less I worry about money, the easier it comes to me!


Listen to yourself next time you’re thinking or talking about your goals, and get in the habit of listening to yourself when you talk to other people. You may be shocked at how negative your Word is. These faulty stories are mostly based on fear, and if you change your stories to positive stories with a “can do” attitude, things will turn around for you very quickly!


Inspired by a blog by Dr. Maynard Brusman.


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What influences your outlook on life and your goal-setting?  Experiences, family, friends, education, society, and religion all have had some impact on your outlook and your goal-setting.  You may be aware of some influences but others may be buried deep in your subconscious.  How do you unearth the hidden beliefs you had no conscious idea cause you to think and behave a certain way?
Here’s a game you can play:  think about a really big goal of yours, and allow all of your emotions to come into the light.  Pay attention to all of them.  It’s really important to allow all of them, especially the negative ones, surface. Don’t deny any emotion because it’s a clear signal that there is some underlying belief that will probably cause you to take actions to sabotage yourself.   This is one of those situations where talking about these emotions with a coach can be helpful.  You’ll need an objective point of view to counter all the rationalizations and excuses that will come up – and they will!  

Are your emotions surrounding money positive, negative or neutral?  How about your emotions about your self-worth?  Or your importance?  Or your attractiveness?

So pay attention to the negative emotions, and think back to what influenced those feelings in you.  It can be hard to dig up those old memories, but if you’re going to move forward, you’ll have to make yourself do it.  Just the once is enough!  Once those old memories are out in the open, you can let those emotions go.

The thing is (and again, you may need an objective set of ears) you really have to decide once and for all that you choose to NOT be influenced by what happened in the past.  You have to decide that you do NOT agree with what people said about you or to you, or did to you.  I’m going to say right now that this is not an easy process!  But at the same time, once you’ve done it, it’s incredibly liberating.

You are not the person you were then!  You’ve evolved, you’ve experienced other things.  You know that you can choose whether to react or respond to some negative thing/person.  You can choose to accept a person’s unkindness and let it become part of your belief system – or not!  You can choose to let painful experiences become part of your belief system – or not!

As a simple example, let’s say your mother-in-law says disapproving things about your parenting.  You can choose to let it ruin your day… or not.  You can choose to let her opinion become part of your belief system… or not.

If Tom had always been told that he is incompetent and lazy, chances are that he subconsciously agreed with it.  But did he become incompetent and lazy because he truly was, or because it was drilled into his head by his parents?  Let’s say he just found out that he had a choice whether to agree with his parents – and he chose to disagree with them.  What do you think happened?

Everything we do as adults has a “past”.  Everything is influenced by something that happened in the past, or something we learned.  The real beauty of the situation is that once you know this, you can choose to agree with other people’s beliefs.  You can also choose to agree with your reactions to situations and follow those old patterns for ever, or not.  You can look at beliefs you accepted and decide whether you agree with them or not.  How liberating!  It’s not easy to break free and follow your own beliefs (the ones NOT borrowed from others or from past experiences).  But the rewards are beyond anything you can possibly accomplish while you agree to be bound by the past.


What’s your Motivation?

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At the end of the day, what makes your soul sing when you think about your goals?


Is it visions of fame, money, a great body, the perfect mate… or is it something even more rewarding than those obvious results?


We would like to share a little exercise with you that we hope will get you thinking about the single most important question you should ask yourself when you decide to go for something.


That question is, WHY?


Why is this goal so important to you?


The reason for this question is absurdly simple.  Your “why” is the difference between a wishy-washy goal that you will only give a wishy-washy effort to… and the super-important goal that you will do anything and everything to attain.


Pick any one of your goals and ask yourself, “why do I want this?


Ask most people why they want something big and you’ll probably get the fame and fortune answer.  That one’s obvious but it also feels a little flat, a little incomplete.  Sure, money is nice, but is it the real “why?”  No, it’s not.  Or if someone tells you their goal is to lose 5 kilogram’s.  If you ask why, the immediate answer could be, so I look good in my clothes.  Is that the real “why?”  No.  It’s how you FEEL when you’ve succeeded that motivates you!  


It took us some time to figure out that unless we uncovered our “why”, we weren’t going to be motivated enough to go after our goals.  If the “why” made sense to us and we truly desired to feel that way, then we would give my all to get to that place.  And just as importantly, we were able to let go of goals that we held without a real “why.”   


we had to learn to see the difference between goals that were ours and those that were externally motivated.  It’s perfectly okay to realize that some of your goals may be externally driven by society, family, etc. and are just not right for you even if you try to convince yourself they are.


Since we’re so conditioned to want certain things, it pays to take a non-judgmental look at your goals.  Sometimes an impartial listener can be a powerful ally in helping you uncover your “why.”  If you discover a “why” that really speaks to you, then your goal is pure and right and perfect for you.  Go for it!  But, learn to recognize that for some goals, there’s no “why” that makes sense for you (for example, a goal of becoming a doctor because your parents want you to – is a goal motivated by wanting to make them happy… not you).  Kindly say “no” and give your energy and attention to goals that have a clear and powerful “why.”  Ultimately your happiness will make others around you happier!  Underneath it all, the naked truth is, does a goal make me happy?  Does it make me feel good? 


We hope that you have some insight now on the importance of your own “why”.  Find your “why” and motivation to succeed will never be an issue.


From the team @ Goalstribe