Advantages of Outsourcing Your Business

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In my previous posts I often stress the importance of finding your genius. Finding what it is, that lights the fire in you and makes you want to go through your day. We all have that. We all have a task that we look forward to doing.

You may like talking to your clients, and building a relationship but you may not like preparing the paperwork, or working on email follow ups. Whatever it is that enables you to maintain your flow, keep doing it. Stick to your genius – and outsource the rest.


Benefits of Outsourcing

I have been outsourcing for several years and let me tell you, the benefits of outsourcing are massive. I discussed some of these in the Power of Outsourcing. Let me add a few more details:

  1. You can delegate tasks and focus on what lights you up. There are tasks that I do not enjoy doing, but are necessary for the business to run smoothly. Outsourcing allows me to delegate these tasks and concentrate on doing what I do best. It gives me time to connect with clients, to talk, and listen. It gives me time to be present.
  2. You save on costs. In any business, the goal is to bring down operating costs and increase revenue. When you outsource, you do not need to pay for utilities. You do not have to rent an office. You are able to save on costs when these are taken off the expense list.
  3. You have less concerns to attend to. You do not have to worry about equipment breaking down. If there’s a problem with the computers, the power or the internet, they’ll be the one to sort it out. All of these get taken off your plate when you outsource. Have you ever used a self-cleaning oven? It cleans itself and all you have to worry about is what you’re cooking. It’s the same way when you outsource. You concentrate on the actual tasks, all the rest are taken care of.
  4. You have more time for other things. Our lives are so much more than work, work, and work. Spend time with your family. Pursue that hobby. Have fun with friends. Go out on vacation. You have to have time for other things, and outsourcing allows you to do that.
  5. You have a wider pool of candidates to choose from. Outsourcing allows you to hire globally. Because of the difference in our currency rate, you can hire candidates with the same skills for a lot less than if you are hiring in-house locally. I’m not saying that you go and hire the cheapest one you can find. It is important to make sure that the team you hire have the necessary skills in order to do the job well. Find a team that you know will have your back, and take care of the business like it’s their own.

So what do you think? Is it time to outsource? If you want to learn how to outsource your business, comment outsource below or get in touch and I will give you the link to our webinar. Let us help you really grow your business.

Opportunities Are Everywhere

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Hey guys! Hope you are well. So, what’s been some of your wins? What’s been some of your lessons over this last week?

I am on my way back from a client meeting, heading back to the office and I thought I’d share my experience with you. When you start off your day you’ll never know who you meet. You’ll never know who you come across.

Recognize and Acknowledge Good Opportunities

I’ll give you a little example. On the way to a client meeting in the city, I called an Uber and I started chatting away – chatting away, lovely guy. And he started saying, “what do you do? Who do you help?”

We were about, you know, all the different things that I’ve been doing and who I’m helping – and guys, you know what? I think he’s someone I might need.

I said, “Okay, so tell me a bit about you.” And the next thing he’s telling me this whole story of coming from India and so forth. And he’s a structural engineer but he’s got a company set up, and he’s got all these other business partners.

The next minute, we had this amazing conversation, and he goes – “look me up on LinkedIn. Let’s continue the conversation.”

And I thought to myself as I got out the Uber, it’s just, you’ll never know. You’ll never know who comes across your path. You will never know who you gonna meet. You’ll never know what the next step is.

Yes, we can do the planning. Yes, we can do our goals but when we actually stop and we actually be present – and be present with ourselves and be present with other people, opportunities come up.

And so, those opportunities are everywhere. You just have to know when to recognize the opportunities for what they are.

Most of the time they come unexpectedly. They can be circumstances that you did not expect, or people that you did not expect to meet – like that Uber driver.

You just have to be present, and conscious enough to know when you come across these opportunities, so you can use them to your advantage.

So, I’d love to hear – what’s some of those little stories you may have had over the past couple of years. And, what’s been some of your wins and lessons throughout this week?

So, there we go! You’ll never know who you gonna run into.

Outsourcing: Stories and Lessons Learned

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You’ve probably heard your colleagues and friends talk about outsourcing. So what is it? And what is the power of outsourcing.

Challenges in Outsourcing

I’ve been outsourcing now for close to 10 years now, and it’s pretty powerful. I personally have a team of 10 and our other business, Support Zebra Australia, has a staff of close to 300. Outsourcing has also really helped out our own personal clients leverage their time.

I want to share with you some of the stories.

It never used to be that way, never used to be with all these team members behind us. We’ve got the scars, we’ve had the opportunity where we’ve taken on staff before – overseas – and then just the overseas staff just went missing in action.

We’ve gone through the journey of, you know, of trying to recruit, trying to train, trying to maintain and the wheels have fallen off.

But, why do we outsource? What’s the power of outsource?

How do you Outsource?

Basically if you want to increase your productivity, if you want to increase your own time – personal time off – if you want to save money or you want to make more money, outsourcing is an amazing way to do it.

Now, what happens is that, if you’re wondering where do I start? Where do I go?

Well, you know the good thing is that I’ve put together these amazing webinars to help you answer these questions. You can check out my website or chat with me directly – and yeah, let’s talk and discover how to solve these challenges together.

You can also register to my 7 STEPS TO OUTSOURCING and learn how to scale, profit and leverage your team through outsourcing.

The benefit of outsourcing is really – if you’ve got things that are ongoing, mundane recurring tasks that you go – you know what? Someone else should really be doing this.

If you’ve got tasks that, if you’re looking at your hourly rate, and you know – you know what, someone else should be doing this. Or if you need to be focusing elsewhere in your business, and you know that this part of the business needs to get done by someone else – this is a perfect opportunity to learn how to outsource.

How to really get the most out of your team? How to really drive that productivity so you can really be focusing on what you do best?

Benefits of Outsourcing

I’ve got a number of clients that go through this process and what they’ve realized is that they’ve got back to client-facing activity, rather than getting stuck into the mundane of emails, admin and that kind of stuff.

These clients actually gone back to meeting with their clients. They’ve gone back with meeting new prospects and opportunities. They now have gone back into face-to-face, telephone work, so they can build those relationships and have someone do behind the scenes.

So if you want to come along, check out this upcoming webinar. Just type in outsource below and I will give you the details. Love for you to come along.

Learn something, learn what we’re up to, learn on how we can assist you to outsource so we can help you really grow your business.

The Value of Teamwork

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How has your 2018 been? And what has been some of your wins and some of your lessons throughout the first week of the 2019? I’d love to hear from you. What have been some of your wins? What have been some of your lessons?

This is a great opportunity as we welcome another year – having a review of the week, the month, the quarter, the year of what’s been some of your wins and some of your lessons.

I was in the Philippines last December where I spent four, five days with the whole team over there, just to really start to map out the year. It was an honor and a privilege. I also took my daughter and introduced her to the team. And I think, I found my succession plan.

She had the opportunity to present in front of our team and really embracing it. Also, the shopping – she loves the shopping over there. Oh my goodness! Next level.

But it was a good opportunity to spend some quality time with her, just a daddy-daughter time. And really honored – it’s a privileged to have that opportunity.

The Power of Team

One of the things, and biggest lessons that we learned was the power of team – and power of enrolling the team.

We arrived – the team have already started their strategy session on a Saturday, we arrived Saturday night. And we got into the team meeting on a Sunday. And I walked into the room and they said, “Just to let you know, we’ve already mapped out the next six months for you.”

I was like, “Alright!? Cool.” And what the most amazing thing was, when we reviewed what they had gone through the day before – I had done some previous planning up until, for this time together. It was exactly the same as I had mapped out – they didn’t know this that I had mapped out previously on what they had mapped out the day before.

And so, that was the biggest lesson for me is – Wow! We’ve got an amazing team. So aligned and so on the same page where they’ve been working on the sideline and I’ve been, you know, getting some planning down – coming together and we’re all on the same page.

Once again huge win and huge lesson. So, what are some of your wins? What are some of your lessons?

Hopefully you got to take some time out over the holidays and just had fun, spent quality time with love ones, spent some time with friends and family – and reflected on 2018. And now, start thinking about what 2019 looks like.

So, there we go! Let’s all make 2019 bigger, better and brighter.

Lessons for the Year: What’s Worked for 2018

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It’s another opportunity to review the week, and probably review the whole year.

What has been some of your wins and some of your lessons throughout this week? It’s a good time to just stop and reflect to say, “Hey! You have gone throughout the week.”

What are you most proud of? What have been some of the things that you’ve hanged out high and say, “Wow! That’s been a good week.”

What’s been some of the lessons that you can take away and go, “You know what? This is what I learned. This is an Aha moment.” Or “this is what I need to be doing differently next week.”

So, it’s an opportunity to really – as we come through this next little time, to sprint towards the end. And also to reflect on how the year has gone for you.

What has been some of the wins and the setbacks? Some of the lessons and what do we maybe doing differently for 2019.

I’d love to hear from you. What has been some of your wins? What are you most proud of this week? And what have been some of the lessons?

Wins for 2018

We had a great opportunity this week to present to a lot of different organizations.

We’re at the McGrath St. George during their monthly conference. We talked about their genius and we talked about their superpowers. We also talked about how to tap into their genius and how to really start to map-out 2019.

We were also at Tyler Nicholas where we talked about, obviously, how to build your teams. And also communication, which is a really important factor throughout this market where we are at the business world today.

I also had the opportunity, which is pretty cool, to be at the opening of a new sports store called Decathlon. It is a new huge sports store in Auburn. Being in the trail running ambassador, I was fortunate enough to be there.

What Have We Learned?

When I look back over this week, particularly the two presentations that I delivered with the two companies, is we went through the four review questions.

And those review questions is a great way to just to take stock and do this on a weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually process.

Let’s review the four questions once again:

  1. What’s worked for me this week?
    • What’s been some of the wins?
    • What’s been some of the things that I’m most proud of?
    • What’s really worked?
  2. What didn’t work? What’s been some of the setbacks and some of the challenges?
  3. What are some of my lessons? What are the Aha moments that I learned this week or this month, or whatever time period that you are reviewing?
  4. What do I need to be doing differently?

This is a perfect segway into 2019. When we can take and review your whole year and look at – “Okay, what are some of the things that really worked for me this year?”

What Will Be Different in 2019?

When you look at the different areas of your business, look at the different areas of your life both personally and professionally.

What are the things that didn’t work? What are the setbacks and challenges? What were the key lessons that we took away from work and also on the personal front.

And moving into 2019, how’s it going to be different? What are you going to do different? How’s it going to measure up compared to 2018?

So, it’s a great opportunity to really review. It’s an opportunity to review the year. We deep dive a little bit more in the year and we look at the different quarters. We also need to look at the different areas of your business and personally.

And we start to do the high-level planning for 2019. So you can break and you can free your mind, and really relax and restore, rejuvenate over the Christmas period.

So, there we go – Finish it Fridays, an opportunity to review the week – and the year.

An opportunity to think. What are some of your wins? What are some of your lessons throughout this week?

Looking forward to hearing from you soon. Have a wonderful holiday.

Turning Challenges into Opportunities

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Every time the week ends, it’s a great opportunity for me to review the week, and use these realizations to help me face the next week with a fresh mindset.

So, what’s been happening? What’s been some of the wins, some successes, some lessons along the way? Here in Sydney town, it’s a beautiful sunny day out there today. It’s sweltering hot! Hopefully you’ve got the beach and cool off throughout the day.

Again, this is a great way to review the week. What’s been some of the wins? What’s been some of the lessons? Love to hear those wins and those lessons. Comment below, and yeah, let’s see how you’ve gone.

Lesson 1: Keep Challenging Yourself

Now, looking at a good lesson from this morning’s training session. I’m training up for our next event, which is coming up in February, which is the Tarawera Ultra Marathon. It’s a 100k in Rotorua in New Zealand, and that’s in February.

So, training up and back on the stairs, Coogee death stairs – so to speak. It’s about 200 plus stairs there, and I’m training with this mate this morning.

As I was doing 10 steps and was up to my 9th set – about to stop on my 10th – and I suddenly noticed that he has just got on to his 4th of his set. Anyway, he’s obviously gone through some ups and downs at the moment, through some challenges.

Instinctively, I looked back at him and said, “Mate, alright! Last set! Here are the rules. There’s no walking and we’ve got to go to the top. And you got to lead the way.

And he goes, “Yeah! You’re on.

Then I said, “If we walk, we’re going to do another set.

He goes, “DONE!

Then, what happened was, in previous set – I’ve gone halfway and have a little bit of walk, and go again, and so forth, and so forth. This last set was a game changer. What happened was that he obviously made through that whole 200 plus stairs without walking, and he lead the way.

And I said, “What a great metaphor in life.

  1. You knew the rules that you need to be playing by.
  2. You finished it and you completed it to the end.
  3. There was no walking, you jogged it all the way.
  4. You led the pack.

Lesson 2: Learn from Your Challenges

I finally said to him, take those lessons now into your day, into your week – and watch what happens. And now, this is where exercise can draw upon so many amazing lessons that we can utilize in our own life.

You know, that little self-talk that the challenges, you know – working by yourself or working with your mate, or working in a group. Always different components, we can take a lot of those lessons into your day to day, into your business life.

So there we go, some lessons learned from training this morning. What’s been some of your wins? What’s been some of your lessons?

Love to hear your thought. Please comment below and looking forward to speaking to your soon.

Finding Opportunity

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Some goals are straightforward. You move from Point A to Point B and you know exactly what to do and and what to expect. Other goals require being flexible, alert and ready to jump anytime an opportunity arises.

If you are struggling with the idea of being able to spot opportunities and having the courage to act on them, here are some tips to motivate you:

Set clear goals. If you know exactly what you want, you will automatically be on the lookout for exactly the right people and resources.

Visualize. Your brain needs specific commands about what to look for. For example, when you want a new car and you decide on a particular make and model, you suddenly start noticing them everywhere. How is it you never noticed that so many people were driving the car you want? You might be surprised about this, but it’s just your brain’s normal filtering system – if it doesn’t matter to you, it literally doesn’t appear for you! So set a clear goal and visualize it. Whether it’s a tangible goal (like a car) or intangible (like health), having a strong and clear visual will give your brain the command to seek out the conditions that will make the goal happen. A HUGE component of this is belief. You MUST believe that your goal is achievable in order for your brain to focus on it; otherwise, you give it contradictory instructions every time you doubt!

Prepare. Be prepared to say “yes” even when you’re terrified and believe you’re not ready. Learn to swim on the way to the island. Of course if the opportunity you seek requires funding, make sure it’s all in place before you start. And if you don’t have the funding, focus your attention on making that funding a goal so your brain is primed to hunt for ways to make funding appear for you.

Do something… Seizing opportunity does NOT mean sitting on your bum waiting for things to fall into your lap. You have to be out there, circulating in the world, making a name for yourself so that people GIVE you work, point you in the right direction, etc. Sure, having a rich old uncle helps but only if you’re the beloved nephew…

…and DO nothing. Spend time meditating and focusing your mind on what you want. There is a time for doing and a time for NOT doing; just ‘being’ and contemplating. Focus your mind and supercharge your intention with a command of “This is what I want NOW.”

ALL people matter. Don’t discount somebody just because on the surface they don’t seem like the “right” person. You may miss out on amazing opportunities because you made a wrong judgment about someone.

Open your mind, eyes and ears. Be an active participant in the world. Immerse yourself in ideas that interest you. Don’t discount ideas just because they don’t fit in with your pre-conceived notions. Always remember – if it caught your attention, it did so for a reason. Even if you can’t find the reason right away, know that what you noticed is there to help you either as a lesson (such as a lesson in how not to do things) or as a guide or even as a hidden source of knowledge or funding. Don’t forget, your brain filters out practically everything that has nothing to do with your interests or what is important to you. So if something caught your attention, it’s because it made its way through that filter!

Think outside your own box. Let your creativity flow by allowing yourself to think completely contrary to popular wisdom and knowledge. Yes, a hundred thousand people CAN be wrong. If an idea sparks in you and you explore it before you start critiquing or judging it with logical thought, you might just come up with something remarkable.

Move through your fear and take risks. Don’t miss out on extraordinary opportunities because you’re too afraid. Take a chance on something new; or stay where you are, living the same old life.

Are you inspired yet?
Just by focusing your energy on recognizing opportunities, they will arise. Then, you have to take a deep breath and take immediate and deliberate action. Scary? Yes! But thrilling, too, and the rewards are immense. Even if you “fail” you still move forward because you have learned a lot. And thus, THERE IS NO FAILURE. Taking “failure” out of the equation may be what it takes to get you to see opportunity not as something only a lucky few can capitalize on; but something that you can, too. Opportunities are everywhere! Be open, be aware and say YES.


Inspired by Jeff Beals’ blog on http://blog.ideacafe.com

Seize the opportunity and achieve that goal…

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Some goals are straightforward. You make a plan and smoothly sail from A to Z. Others require vigilance to spot opportunities and boldness to take action on them before they vaporize. Usually, people miss opportunities because they are unaware of them or they’re not trained to spot them. Sometimes opportunities are cleverly disguised as problems so start by changing your attitude about problems. Are they really problems, or lessons?  Challenges are designed to make you grow and learn! That shift in mindset transforms problems from something that frustrating and paralyzing to something energizing and motivating.
People often wait for “the right time” to take advantage of opportunities. By then, it’s too late. The truth is, there’s never a perfect time. The best time to take advantage of opportunities is immediately. Don’t be scared away when you have no earthly clue what to do next! Take the step, keep your eye on the goal – the ways to achieve what you want will present themselves.
Here’s how to spot opportunities and make the most of them:

1. No matter what your goal is, you need people to provide the solutions, skills, information, knowledge and answers you need. Work on your relationships; expand your circle; become a people person even if you’re shy. Support others and they will support you, or point you in the direction of people who will support you. Seek out the out-of-the-box thinkers, the creative types who don’t take no for an answer. Avoid the naysayers.

2. Have the right mindset. Be open, curious, playful, confident, optimistic, and never give up. Be grateful for every challenge and lesson. Own your success AND your setbacks. Successful people don’t blame anyone for their success or their “failures” and they do not make excuses.

3. You must be crystal clear on what you want to accomplish in the first place. This is the only way you’re going to prime your brain to start looking for the opportunities to make it happen!

4. When you think about your goal, do you listen to the voices that say “you can’t”? What do YOU believe? Do you believe you can or can’t achieve this? Do you believe you are or aren’t good enough? Do you believe you can or can’t be in the right place at the right time for the right opportunity? If you believe you can, you will. If you believe you can’t, you won’t. Identify limiting beliefs by listening to yourself as you rationalize why you can’t do something. Ask yourself, “WHY do I believe this? Is this true? What facts support this belief?” Dig down to the bottom of that belief and expose it for the delusion it is! Many limiting beliefs are learned from parents, teachers, etc. and we believe them only because we didn’t know we had a choice in the matter. Well, now you know. You can choose to believe something – or not.

5. Always be aware and vigilant. Be open to new ideas. Don’t make judgments about ideas you come across just because they’re different than anything you’ve done before. Keep an open mind – be curious about new perspectives and alternative ways of doing things.

6. Question everything. “What is interesting about this new development? What can I learn? Whom could I help? What benefit will I get from this?” These questions imprint the importance of your goal on your mind. The more important it is to you, the more your mind will seek it.

7. Embrace the “problems” – find the value, the lesson and the benefit in every single problem you have, and <poof> like magic, your problems will transform into wonderful opportunities!

8. If you notice anything out of the ordinary in your life, pounce on it like a tiger. Seize it. It came into your awareness for a reason, even if you don’t know why. Write down what you noticed and your thoughts and emotions. If you go back later and read what you wrote, you will be astounded at the wealth of guidance or insight you received. Carry a notebook with you everywhere, or use a note-taking app on your phone or iPad. DO NOT LOSE those clues.

9. Keep learning. Keep expanding your knowledge and skills. Embrace the new and unexpected. Get OUT of your comfort zone. Take calculated risks – and sometimes the “foolish” ones. Avoid comfort; seek the unknown. Don’t follow the herd, make your own path.

10. Are all opportunities the goose that laid the golden egg? No. Some just don’t work out – but even there, the lessons you learned are more valuable than the perceived setback.

11. Don’t discount the little opportunities while you sit back and wait for the big one.

12. Don’t let fear of rejection, failure or uncertainty stop you. Most of us face some level of rejection, failure and uncertainty on a daily basis. It’s no different “out there.” Except that this time, you’re going for what YOU want.

13. Think big.

14. Every opportunity is time-sensitive to some degree. Even the ones that “can wait” won’t  wait for long. Make a plan and take action right away.

15. Listen to your intuition.

Take advantage of opportunities; they are the wonderful “unexpected” ways that your grandest goals will be achieved!

Inspired by a blog by Adam Sicinski at iqmatrix.com