Expanding your business means hiring new employees to fill up different job positions that will drive the growth of your business. You need professionals who are competent and have the drive to achieve your company’s goals. Depending on the scale of your business, you may start posting online for available job positions or let your company’s human resource department to do it for you.

Once you start receiving those job applications, you can start narrowing down the applicants based on their experience, qualifications and skills. How can you, as a business owner, further narrow down those applicants to the select few who share your vision, passion and as well as the talent to take your business to the next level? This is where the importance of interviewing applicants come into play.

A job interview is a very important tool in the process of selecting new employees or team members. You will be able to assess their experience, skills and their mindset on the job that they are applying for. This will allow you to know the potential employee on a personal basis. What good are all those skills and experience if that person does not work well with a team or has a questionable attitude? While some companies are moving toward favoring test scores in the employee selection process, most still rely on the good, old-fashioned and proven way. So how do you conduct a proper job interview?

Prepare a List

Whether you have an interview team or you are doing it solo, make sure to prepare a list of the skills, experience, qualities and knowledge that you are looking for in an employee. Using this list, you can come up with questions to be able to efficiently gather the necessary information on each applicant. If you have an interview team, make sure that they understand their role in the applicant assessment process and make sure that you review their questions.

Legal Job Interview Questions

In a job interview, not everything is up for discussion. Ask legal interview questions that will highlight their strengths and weaknesses pertaining to the job that they are applying for. Avoid illegal job interview questions that could make you a target for a lawsuit. Questions about their marital status or if they plan to have or already have children should be avoided.

Relaxed Atmosphere

A friendly handshake in an onsite interview or a friendly greeting in a phone interview can go a long way. Establish a connection with the applicant to make him or her comfortable during the interview. A relaxed applicant would be able to provide you with accurate information that you need during the selection process. This will allow you to gauge their personalities and attitudes and make a decision if they are a good fit for your team.

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