Scaling Up Your Business Through Outsourcing

In the course of business, our constant goal is to grow and expand. If the business is doing well, then we can consider scaling up our business. But how do we do it in a way that still leaves us enough time for other things that are important in our lives – like family? This is where outsourcing comes in. And how do you start the process?

Business Evaluation

Entrepreneurs initially take on most of the roles in a company or business, and some businesses even start out with a team of one person.

The demands of running a business are massive. Scaling up means more opportunities, but it also means more work and more responsibilities. If you’re planning on scaling up your business, it means you need to start delegating.

List down all the tasks that you don’t have time to do or do not want to do. You can include tasks that you do not have the skill set to do. Rate those tasks based on how much time you are spending on them and how much it would cost for someone else to do them. These can be data entry jobs, graphic design, social media management or inventory management.

Tasks to Outsource

While it is very tempting to just outsource all the tasks that you do not enjoy doing, some need to remain in house. Take a look at your list and pick out which tasks are valued less but take up a lot of time to accomplish. Pick out which ones you do not have expertise on or those that you do not have the right skill set to perform.

Once you have decided which tasks or roles you want to outsource, come up with a detailed job description on what needs to be done. Specify what type of business you are in, what tools you are using and what needs to be accomplished.

Vague job descriptions may become an issue. You have to specify the duties and responsibilities of each person, and each position. More importantly you need to show how the task fits in the general order of running the business.

Research Before Hiring

It has become easier to find freelancers and independent contractors online. This is a positive point in favor of outsourcing. It allows you to hire workers from almost anywhere in the world. But the industry has a low barrier of entry, there are unqualified contractors who are able slip through the cracks.

You need to hire contractors that have the right skill and the right attitude for the job. Do your research and ask other business owners for recommendations or referrals. Check with reputable agencies or online platforms – these already have a system in place to screen contractors.

Do you want to learn more? Let me take you through the seven (7) steps to outsourcing. Simply comment below “I’M IN,” and I will send you through the details.

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