First in-browser video conference on Goalstribe!

By September 4, 2011 December 1st, 2020 No Comments

Wow! This is a big milestone for Goalstribe. 

We can now schedule live video meeting straight from the browser (no need to install any software thanks to tokbox.com).

Mike had some difficulties with setting up his camera on Mac which reminded us that we need to provide some tutorial.

The combination text + video chat is perfect, you can easily share a link to everyone.

One thing we noticed is that it is potentially easy to have a messy discussion where everyone talks at a the same time. In the near future we might implement the concept of talking stick that Stephen Covey introduced in his famous book “Seven habits of Highly Effective People”.

Only the person who has the talking stick can talk. Once that person has expressed everything she wanted to say, she can give the talking stick to another person. Simple concept but very powerful to make sure everybody is heard!