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Do you agree that mindset performance determines whether you’ll make it in life? Success happens when your mind’s thoughts and emotions are productive.

I believe you are here for a reason, and that you did not just stumble on this page by accident. Whether consciously, or subconsciously, you realize that you need a business coach. And it’s not just you. Believe me – everyone, and I mean every one of us, even the best of the best – need a coach.

Whether it is for real estate, sales, sports or whatever specialty or business, coaching is essential for career growth and success. You need a coach to work with you in clarifying your vision – be it for career, company or personal growth. You need a coach to work with you on the process of attaining your goals. By not acknowledging this need, you could be limiting yourself. Why? Continue reading because I’m about to tell you.

Benefits of Coaching

Whole new level of awareness

Your coach will be able to recognize issues standing in your way.

Help you develop techniques

Identify tried and tested marketing strategies that you can use.

Stay on top of the game

Life is an unending process of continuous learning.

Saves time on the trial and error

When trying to come up with a workable solution to any issues.
Why is coaching important?

Why is Coaching Important?

If you were to ask twenty people right now for one word that they would associate with coach or coaching I am sure you will get plenty of similar answers with motivation, confidence and accountability making the top of the list. And they would be correct.

A coach should be able to help motivate you and provide you with the needed boost of confidence when you hit a slump. A coach should be able to influence you, identify areas of improvement and correct your behaviour when necessary. A coach should be able to keep you on track and hold you accountable to your commitments. A coach should be able to turn your mindset performance to that of a winner!

When Should You Get a Coach?

Now that you have understood that mindset performance is the key to success – when is the best time to get a coach? Regardless of whether you are new and struggling, or if you’ve been doing business for a while and planning to expand – if you don’t have a coach yet, now is the time to enrol in a coaching program.

If You Are New To The Business
If you are new and you are venturing into business for the first time, you will be well served to hire a coach – someone who has had years of experience and successful at it. As a newcomer, no doubt there are plenty of instances where you feel unsure of your strategies. You can take advantage of the advice and suggestions from a seasoned veteran in the field.

When Should You Get a Coach?

Qualities of a Great Coach

So what are the qualities of a great  coach? In Australia alone, there are plenty of coaches who offer similar coaching services. How do you ensure that you are enlisting the help of a great coach? What traits should you look for, and what areas should you consider when looking for a coach?

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Qualities of a Great Real Estate Coach


A great kick up the bum. Good to be accountable to someone - even though that’s really myself. Great to have received new processes for goal setting.

Darren PalmerDarren Palmer Interiors

James expertise in communication, goal setting and motivation has been paramount for our business. What I have learnt personally from James has been profound and appreciate all his support and guidance over this time.

Damien CooleyDirector, Cooley Auction Services

Since working with James he has helped myself personally, my business partner and the business as a whole through aligning our clarity & direction; having a road map to work with and engaging the team to bring it all together. He is a great sounding board and someone that really knows how to get the best out of people and their businesses.

Brigitte BlackmanDirector Cobden & Hayson - Surry Hills