We all want to succeed. I have yet to meet a person who does not want to achieve success. Though it can mean different things to different people, everyone desires it. The word itself is music to our ears. It brings up emotions of joy, contentment, and confidence. However, while all of us desire success, only a few truly strive to achieve it. There is a big difference between thinking of success and actually taking action to achieve it. Why is that? How could we want something so bad yet not take the necessary steps to get it?

Success is like that great idea that everyone has in their heads. Some take action to make it a reality while others, for some reason, are just content to let it remain in their heads. It does not care how hard you wish for it. We would all be successful if it did. You need to have the right mindset, willpower, and a little elbow grease to turn your idea of success into reality. So back to the previous question. If you want it so bad, what’s stopping you from achieving it? It could be you.


If you want to achieve success then what are you waiting for? Doing something later is exactly the same as not doing it at all. Procrastination is one of the most common roadblocks to success. The worst thing is that you are doing it to yourself. It is completely within your control and yet, you choose to procrastinate. The only person who is hindering you to succeed is you. You might have a multi-million idea floating in your head but you chose to do it “later”. Imagine if Bill Gates or Steve Jobs chose to procrastinate on their ideas. The world would be very different today.

Making Excuses

In business, as well as everyday life, not everything will go as planned. If things go wrong, stop making excuses. Constantly blaming the circumstances will get you absolutely nowhere. You are in charge of your company and life. You decide where you want them to go. You are the only one who can decide how to move forward. Acknowledge and take responsibility for both the good and bad. When things take a dive, ask yourself how you can correct the course and take action. Passing the buck will only stress you out and will not get you anywhere closer to success.

Not Taking The Little Steps

Success does not come easy and more often than not, it takes you way out of your comfort zone. Be patient and take those baby steps. Understand that it is all part of the process. Take your time in planning for your next steps and stick with the plan. And don’t take “shortcuts”. There is no such thing in the path to success.