Leaders are expected to be the ones who set the tone and make sure that they are leading by example. But, it is not always easy to lead when people around you don’t follow your lead.

Leading by example is a powerful way to teach others how to be better. It’s also a great way to motivate and inspire people around us.

Below are two things to lead by example.

Realize that you are not perfect and that you can’t do everything on your own as a leader.

Leaders are often faced with the challenge of trying to do everything themselves. They think that they can do it better than anyone else and that they have the best ideas. But this is not true. Leaders need to realize that they are not perfect and that they can’t do everything on their own.

As leaders, you will have to delegate tasks to your team members in order for them to take ownership of their responsibilities and also help you with yours. You need to provide clear instructions, designate specific time frames for when they need those tasks completed, and delegate tasks to the person most suited for the job or the person who is most available at the time

Build relationships with your employees.

Build relationships with your employees by being a good listener. It is important for you to be attentive to what they are saying and make sure that you are not interrupting them. If you do this, it will show that you care about what they have to say and this will help to build trust.

You should also try to get out of your office as much as possible. This way, you can see how your employees work and how they interact with one another. You will also be able to know more about their personal lives which will help with building relationships with them on a more personal level.

The most important thing about leading by example is that it should not be just words, but actions as well. If the leader wants their employees to work hard, they need to put in the effort themselves and show them what it takes to get things done.