Carrie Benedet

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Carrie has 24 years of industry experience in creating, leading and hosting leadership experiences,
programs and courses.
● Carrie has a global conference presence and podcast, Thriving Matters.
● She is an Education Specialist who focuses on personal and professional growth mindset with
aspiring and experienced Leaders and Teams in Education Systems, Government and Business.
● Carrie ‘walks the talk’ by leading and hosting transformative global leadership experiences through
a lens of purpose, culture, performance and growth.
● Global Leaders Thrive Program commenced in 2020 and is now a Masterclass Series
● She is a global leadership coach, dynamic facilitator and keynote speaker who shares her belief
and passion for developing future leaders and teams.
Carrie has a rich background of experience in the Education sector with 24 years in adult education:
● designing, delivery and facilitation of professional learning for effective and ineffective teams,
● design and facilitation of a variety of aspiring and experienced Leadership Programs,
● coaching and mentoring for workplace growth and performance
● offering bespoke professional learning spaces designed with core emotional Intelligence competencies and
skill development.

Carrie has had a number of leading advocacy roles including the NSW Board of Studies as an Independent Board
Representative for 10 years, the NSW Institute of Teachers (NESA) and was Inaugural Chairperson Council of
Catholic School Parents NSW & ACT.
Carrie has significant educational advocacy expertise and educational representation at State and National
government level in policy and curriculum direction, learning and development frameworks, design and facilitation
of Leadership Programs and Coaching Culture.
Areas of Expertise: Carrie works in agile spaces with organisational leaders, listening to and exploring their
workplace practices to develop and strengthen their leadership depth and the culture of their team, empowering for
inspirational performance. Effective relational communication skills are the core to leading self and leading others
for mindset shift and success.
Designing and hosting multiple Leadership Retreats and Immersions in Australia and New Zealand in 2016, 2017,
2018, 2019 and 2020 is evidence of Carrie’s core belief and commitment to transformative leadership development
focused on purpose, performance and growth. Leadership programs in 2020 and 2021 have been virtually
facilitated due to Covid-19.
Recent global influence includes keynote presentations at Coaching and Mentoring Conferences in Oxford, UK,
Wellington & Hamilton, NZ, also in Australia and USA. In June 2018, Carrie was invited to share her insights on
Emotional Intelligence in Educational Leadership at the Game Changers Genos International
Conference,Singapore. In July 2019, Carrie facilitated anEmotionally Intelligent Leadership Program for Chinese