Doug Driscoll


Douglas is an innovative trail blazer in the real estate industry. Forward thinking and on the cutting edge of the latest technology. Having led the Starr Partners Network to be the most innovative brand for 3 consecutive years in the Real Estate Business Awards I am always fascinated to see the next vision.

Douglas Driscoll is a true leader. Through his innovative, honest, open and humble approach, Doug’s humility makes him a ‘real’ person to speak to and no doubt these attributes are the cornerstone of his successes. Always open to sharing his expertise, Doug is not just a colleague, but a great friend.

Darren Bruce


Performance Engineer. Advisor of Excellence.

My journey of reaching my peak performance began on the lounge room floor while I was still crawling.

Hitting a golf ball with a tablespoon as a baby was my way of saying “I’m ready to set and get goals”, and it only evolved from there.

By the age of 16 I had played over six sports and been part of multiple championship winning teams.

I then had one sporting dream, to play Rugby League in the best competition in the world.

I worked hard for it, and even moved to a brand new city by myself to pursue my dream, only to succumb to injuries.

With my dream in tatters, I felt a new future unfold when I met a mentor in the military.

Believing my leadership skills were the reason I hadn’t succeeded in sport, I started to pursue this same role and signed up for the military.

Fast forward two years and I was one of the fastest to be promoted into this position with the great fortune of having guidance by so many mentors.

Having obtained my dream job I was in for a rude shock.

What I thought was my dream, was not truly the desire I had.

My desire had always been to be the best I can be, and I discovered that my freedom as an entrepreneur was the only way.

To help an ever greater amount of people reach their highest level of performance.

​Within 18 months I’d started a profitable business and given up a comfortable high paying job in the military that I could’ve done for the next 40 years and retired with more than enough money.

But I wasn’t willing to live a limited life for money.

It was, and always will be about how many dreams can come true for me, and now, my clients.

Building my own business, body and relationships thanks to excellent mentors and cutting edge tools, has allowed me the great opportunity to now help Athletes, Entrepreneurs and every day people, clearly grasp their vision, and take inspired action that rapidly gets them results.

I have a feeling you might also have this deep knowing that you’re simply destined for more.

That your dreams are your dreams for a reason.

To be actualised.

It’s my vision to help you actualise these dreams so you can feel the deep joy I have, make the money you desire by serving others with your unique craft, and reach your highest level of performance possible.

If this resonates then I encourage you to reach out and say hello.

If this is the sign you’ve been waiting for, you will know that the best investment you can make is in yourself.

Because the return on that investment is based on you, and you can do this.