Ep7 – Daniel Nasso

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Our 6th guest on the Leading and Growing Podcast is Daniel Nasso. Allow us to introduce Daniel Nasso:

Meet Daniel Nasso, our esteemed Account Partner, responsible for overseeing the comprehensive range of products and services offered by Domain Media. With an impressive track record of excellence, Daniel’s expertise extends to serving the needs of elite real estate agencies spanning the Mid North Coast, Northern Rivers, and New England regions. As a dedicated professional within the industry, Daniel’s association with Domain, a leading entity in real estate services, underscores his commitment to delivering top-tier solutions. For more details, please visit our business website at domain.com.au.

– Coach James Short extends a warm welcome to Daniel Nasso, a top-performing account partner responsible for Domain Media’s suite of products and services.
– Daniel’s role encompasses serving elite real estate offices in the Mid North Coast, Northern Rivers, and New England regions.
– Daniel delves into the transformation of the real estate sector, highlighting the rapid technological advancements, including AI.
– He introduces a product known as “has had contact,” which tracks user interactions with properties and agents on their site, enriching their understanding of potential clients.
– Daniel underscores the importance of harnessing technology while upholding fundamental principles like trust and relationship-building in the real estate arena.