Ep12 – The Coaches Story

By May 21, 2024 No Comments

James Short, a seasoned coach and presenter within the Real Estate Industry since 2009, is recognised as the “Go-to” person for assisting Principals, Directors, and Leading Agents in mastering their Mindset, Time Focus, and Money Flow. His coaching approach is deeply rooted in his personal journey, starting with challenges as the only male in his family, leading to insights on communication and relationship importance.

With a background in sports and a successful stint co-owning a fitness studio, James transitioned into coaching after selling his share in 2008. His expertise encompasses Mindset Strategies, Goal Setting, Financial Awareness, Leadership, and Building Cultures with High Performing Teams.

James focuses on three key areas: mindset, money, and time management. Through his coaching, he helps clients achieve not only professional success but also life balance and peace of mind. His extensive knowledge has made him a sought-after figure in the industry, evident in his role as the “Go-to” person for real estate professionals looking to enhance their personal and professional lives.

Beyond coaching, James has contributed to various publications, spoken at numerous conferences, and hosts this podcast, “Leading & Growing Your Real Estate Business.” Through these platforms, he continues to share his insights and empower individuals within the real estate industry to navigate their journeys effectively.