Lesson for the week: Engagement and Influence

I love presenting and talking and coaching – is one of my geniuses that I love doing it. I can do it daily. But, it’s all well and good doing it – but how do you engage?

When you are having conversations, how do you engage? How do you engage with your teams, and how do you engage with your clients?

Obviously you cannot use a “one size fits all” approach. You have to get really personal. You have to really listen in order to connect. You need to communicate on a personal level.

Engagement is not limited to face-to-face meetings. Be active in Social Media. Facebook and Instagram are no longer simply avenues for selfies and vacation pics. You can use them to share information, and discuss your genius.

Podcasts and blogs are also good avenues for customer engagement. If you have a blog, take note that good content equals great engagement. People will read, listen and they will respond to your inputs as long as you provide quality content.

That’s one of the big lessons that we’ve learned throughout this week – it’s engagement.

Another lesson that we learned this week is influence

Having the ability to affect someone’s ideas, character or choices. This is not an easy thing to achieve.

Even this morning as I was running a training session for a client, we talked about influence.

We talked about how are you influencing those people around you? How are you influencing prospective clients, particularly in this market? How are you influencing your current clients?

So, looking at all those different components for us is around engagement and influence.

Now I want you to ask yourselves again:

How do you engage? How do you influence the people around you? Share your thoughts and leave a comment below.