Ep19 – Lisa B

By May 14, 2024 May 21st, 2024 No Comments

This podcast episode features Coach James Short interviewing Lisa B, a distinguished Real Estate Trainer and Coach in Australia. Lisa, an accredited Life Coach and Qualified NLP Master Practitioner, is passionate about helping real estate agents build their empires.

– Lisa is the creator of The Real Estate Club, providing guidance to professionals in the real estate industry. With extensive experience in various business facets, she offers a big-picture perspective to assist agents in multiple aspects of their business journey.
– A powerhouse in the literary world, Lisa is not only a Real Estate Coach but also a 6-time Best Selling Author. Her expertise extends to guiding fellow authors through the publishing process and helping them launch successful books.
– Lisa’s impact goes beyond the pages, as she has served as a Master Trainer and Coach for prestigious events like Elite Agents TRANSFORM. Her diverse background allows her to provide insightful business consultations to various businesses and groups.
– Lisa B and her team offer a range of products and services designed to support real estate agents throughout their careers. If you’re looking to elevate your real estate game, Lisa B is the mentor you’ve been searching for.

Join her community, embrace her coaching, and watch your real estate empire thrive under her guidance. Don’t miss out – subscribe now!