There is a great YouTube clip by the gentleman called Joey Coleman. He talks about onboarding the first 100 days for your clients.

Now, if you are really in business, your clients are your team members. It is no difference when we are looking at prospecting for new team members, onboarding new team members, and retaining team members. It is a very similar process when we go and talk about “TEAM”.

Let’s take a look at your 100-day roadmap of your 100-day onboarding process. And check out Joey Coleman’s clip on the first 100 days of onboarding new clients – and take out the word ‘clients’ and put in ‘team members’.

Because what this is is an emotional rollercoaster that these new team members go on.

  • They share, “Have I made the right decision?”
  • They share, “What am I really doing here?”
  • “Am I getting value for being in this position?”


THE THREE KEY AREAS when we are looking at mapping out the first 100 days are:


What are the logistics of that team member? What is the logistics of that role? Things like:

  • Getting your pays organized
  • Getting your tax organized
  • The swipe cards

Doing all the logistical stuff to support this new team member in their role.

So that is the first point.


What systems and what software programs? What do they need to learn? What are the tactical components that they need to learn for their role? What is that duty? How is that mapped out over the first 100 days?

  • Who do I need to be introduced to within the team?
  • Who is their support?
  • Where are the resources?
  • Where are the reporting lines?
  • Whose role is who within the organization?


This is probably the biggest component.

What emotions do we want – that we can help this team member experience throughout the first 100 days? It is always good to have a good win within the first couple of weeks, to build that self-confidence up and build that empowerment up of your new team members.

So, what is the emotional rollercoaster? Because it is a rollercoaster for all your team members! What is the emotional element that you want to assist in and support, so you know that you can be there or your resource team can be there to support this new team member?

In summary, the 3 key areas are:

  • Logistical
  • Tactical
  • Emotional

And look at the first 100 days and how you actually map that out. Check out the YouTube clip by Joey Coleman – fantastic bit of information there.

So, there you go guys. I’d love to hear – do you have an onboarding process? Yea or nay within your organization.