I help “The Change Makers” – marketers, consultants, technology experts and engineers – to build data driven decision making capability with innovative, disruptive technology platforms.

I know building an 8 figure business isn’t all rainbows and unicorns.

Cashflow is a constant pain. You’re herding cats. Revenue is up but margins are down.

The business feels like a ‘leaky bucket’ – cash going everywhere except your bottom line.

You might have a complex array of spreadsheets and isolated platforms hanging together Macgyver style with sticky tape and paper clips…

… so you have no visibility into how the company is performing – let alone make smart resourcing and growth decisions.

To bridge the gap and maintain that awesome award winning culture you’re known for you are going to need a beautiful, integrated technology stack.

One that automates the mundane, optimises the team’s time and provides insights into the key levers that drive scale in your organisation.

This is where we come in with:

> Best-in-class CRM, project and resource planning platforms for 8 figure businesses.
> Integrations and automations to unify your technology stack
> Reporting dashboards that inform growth decisions

We’re proven to deliver results. This is what David Lawrence of Rocket Agency had to say:

“We came to SME after several attempts at setting up an operating management system. I cannot speak highly enough about Scott and his team. We’ve got an excellent solution and the business is growing.”