John McIntyre

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John McIntyre is the founder of ReEngager, a company that helps real estate agents make more money and close more deals without spending more money on ads or lead gen.
People can download free templates at www.reengager.com/agent

Alan Stevens

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Alan Stevens is an International Profile and Communications Specialist. He is regularly featured on National TV, Radio and in the World’s Press, profiling the likes of our leading politicians, TV and sports stars as well as Britain’s Royalty.

Sharlene Cohen

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Sharlene Cohen has been the General Manager of Surety Property Group since 2005. Prior to joining Surety, Sharlene worked in lending and financial planning.

Sharlene clearly understands the buying process and enjoys helping her clients work through the best outcome for their individual needs. Her primary focus is customer relationships and providing solutions.

Sharlene and her team are your first point of contact to arrange your inspection and answer any questions you have about what’s involved.

Ellen Bathgate

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Ellen Bathgate is the founder of highly recognised coaching and consulting business, Rent Roll Starter, specialising in enabling independent real estate agents to start their own Rent Rolls quickly, easily and stress free – even if they’ve never been in business for themselves before! The Rent Roll Starter coaching program focuses on teaching creative systems,technologies and outsourcing to allow agency principals start and grow their rent rolls in a non-traditional way. Ellen is passionate about teaching agency principals to have flexibility in their business, work shorter hours, consider creative employment and outsourcing solutions and love their clients.

Ellen held the position of Senior Property Manager overseeing the management of 1000 properties before starting her own independent Property Management agency, The Renting Experts, in 2011. Ellen grew The Renting Experts organically and successfully sold the rent roll in 2016. Ellen is a Licensed Real Estate Agent and Auctioneer (NSW) and holds the title of the winner of the REINSW Novice Auctioneer Competition, Orana and NSW divisions, 2006. Ellen has been interviewed and featured in the Financial Review, RPM Online Magazine and various real estate radio programs, and is also a professionally trainedspeaker and published author. Ellen believes that the traditional way of starting and running a real estate agency is out of date, old fashioned and expensive. From her experience, agency principals should be harnessing new technology, engaging inspiration from other industries and embracing outsourcing, to make their businesses more profitable and enjoyable.

Jackson Millan

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Jackson, also known as The Wealth Mentor, has spent the last 10 years shaking up the wealth industry and proving what a real wealth coach and strategic adviser should do. Having crafted his own ‘Values Based Advice’ model, Jackson has worked to shift control back into the hands of the people when it comes to working towards achieving financial freedom.

Jackson is an International best selling author in 8 countries and has personally coached over 1,000 clients towards their goals and objectives and aims to change the lives of thousands more over the years ahead.

Chris Muddell

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Have you ever wanted to be business owner with extraordinary staff?

Do you want to scale your business with ease?

Have you ever found workplace relations, Fair Work, & WHS legislation a bit overwhelming?

THE EMPLOYSURE SOLUTION ► As an outsourced HR & Safety service for small business, Employsure will review, recommend, then set up tailored workplace documentation for your business. We help introduce the new changes to your staff, keep your compliance up to date, then provide full 24/7 support, including advice, protection and legal support.

WHY NOW ► You deserve the right to enjoy running your business again.

BECOME A CLIENT HERE ► Book a 15 minute phone meeting (free advice & quote): calendly.com/chrismuddell/15min

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DELIVERED IN 6-8 WEEKS ► On site review, tailored recommendations, employment contracts, company handbooks, management policies, unlimited advice, protection product, and representation, 24/7 access.

MY SERVICE TO YOU ► Working as a BDM at Employsure for >6 years (employee #20), I have been privileged to have engaged and worked with more than 600 small businesses. I am very good at getting you the best results, and I know my stuff. You can count on me and I won’t ask you to invest in Employsure unless I can clearly show you how it pays for itself.

Denis Preston and Julie Bowden

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Successful track record of over 30 years in business development and personal development, Julie is a Certified Trainer of NLP, with a strong background in NLP techniques and Positive Psychology.

Julie joined with Denis Preston, took an evidence based process used by Fortune 100 firms and created an automatic hiring and people solutions process for different industries.​

“Change must happen for a business to grow and the right people are crucial to this development.”

Since 1999, Julie has been a Director of the Magic Moments Foundation, making a difference to the elderly; those in need and impacting the lives of young people in Australia and overseas.