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Developing Your Leadership Skills

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The business world is ever changing and is always moving forward. The only thing that remains constant is competition. You need to keep on improving to stay competitive. Staying stagnant is one sure way of getting left behind and eventually fading away from the market. A company needs to stay relevant to keep on growing. In order to maintain growth, the business owner needs to have the passion, vision and leadership to successfully lead his company to its goals.

Having excellent leadership skills is a must if you are the business owner. Having the passion, vision and great ideas are not enough if you cannot effectively lead your staff to a common goal. Yes, you can hire managers but they are most effective at their jobs at managing teams within the company. They will still look to you for guidance and advice. The company as a whole needs you to pave the way to success. In a competitive business world, you need to constantly develop your leadership skills to be able to keep up or stay ahead. You might be a natural leader but it does not mean you cannot improve.


Practicing good discipline is a strong foundation in developing your leadership skills. Discipline in your professional and personal life is a must if you want to be an effective leader. This will also inspire your staff to be disciplined as well. Again, you are the leader and your employees not only look to you for guidance but for inspiration as well.

You can practice discipline by simply keeping appointments, showing up on meetings on time as well as ending them on time. On a personal level, you can develop this by getting up on time, committing to a weekly exercise routine and sticking to your diet. Little things like this can help you strengthen your discipline which you can then apply to on how you lead your organisation.

Keeping An Open Mind

What’s better than a good idea? An even better idea. Keep your mind open when in a meeting with your team. Do not feel threatened when someone has a better idea than yours. Embrace it and give it a chance to see how it works out. As I’ve mentioned before, the business world is always changing. New trends and methods are constantly being discovered on how to compete in the market. Keep on learning by being open to criticism and feedback.

Resolving Conflicts

An organisation is composed of people with different personalities. It is unavoidable that these different personalities will eventually clash with each other. Learn to resolve them by having personal meetings with the involved individuals. Do not ignore even small conflicts as this can worsen and will affect the company as a whole. If need be, you can re-assign them to different teams. Resolving conflicts will help you improve on how you deal with different types of people.

Characteristics Of Bad Leaders In Your Organisation That You Should Look Out For

By challenges, Blogpost, Goals, Human resources, Leadership, management, opportunities

One of your responsibilities as a leader is to look out for your team. As the leader, you are the driving force that motivates your team towards the company’s business goals. Achieving those goals will lead your company to growth and with growth comes the need for other leaders to help you manage your growing company. This is one of the realities that you will have to face when expanding your business. You cannot do everything alone. Even a small business needs people to manage the different aspects of the business. No matter how good you are, everybody has their limits and you are no exception. The sooner you understand that you need help managing your business, the sooner you will achieve your goals.

Hiring individuals to help you manage your team comes with a new set of challenges. One of them is unknowingly hiring bad leaders or leaders who develop bad habits over time. The damage that it can cause your company as a whole can be avoided or minimized if you are able to identify those characteristics as soon as possible.

Power Tripping

A good leader empowers not only those under him or his team but also others. A bad leader lets their position go to their heads. Instead of helping members of the team succeed they do the exact opposite – they boost their own self-worth at the expense of others. Leadership is about guiding and not exerting control over others.

Not Taking Accountability

Whether a project has a positive or negative outcome, a leader should always take responsibility. A good leader does not only take credit for positive results but also own up to negative results. It is easier to point fingers when a project does not go so well. The point is, bad leaders take the easy way out. Good leaders learn from bad experiences and make improvements in future projects.

Not Listening

I always stress the importance of communication when running a business. Think of your company as a team with a common goal. If there is no solid communication between the team members then progress towards your common goal would be painfully slow and inefficient. The leaders in your company should be the ones fostering open communication between themselves and their team. On the opposite end, bad leaders do not listen, do not give feedback or let others give their feedback.

Key Leadership Qualities

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A leader’s job is mostly about managing people, and a good business owner should also be a good leader. He or she should be able to effectively connect with his or her employees and be able to lead them down the correct path to achieve the company’s goals. The business owner might have great ideas and the passion to succeed but if the team or the staff are not willing to follow then the business won’t go far. As mentioned in my previous article, your top sales guy might not be a good leader. This also applies to business owners.

Running a company does not only mean implementing brilliant ideas and having the passion to run it. Managing people is also an integral part in running a company. Your staff is what keeps your business running on a daily basis. As the business owner, your staff looks up to you for guidance. Weak leadership can lead a company to ruin while a strong one leads to success. Just like implementing a leadership development plan for an employee, as a leader yourself, you can look to working on your own leadership skills to be able to properly connect with your team and efficiently run your business.


A leader should foster open communication with the team. Your staff or employees are the front liners of your business and they see things that are not seen by the upper management. You need that valuable information to be able to properly plan things out for your business. Allow your staff to speak out to gain insight at the base level. When communicating with the team, be as honest and clear as possible. This will help you gain their trust and confidence which in turn would also encourage them to be just as honest and clear with you. The key here is that excellent communication allows you to gain valuable information from the front line.

Live What You Preach

One great way of connecting with your team is to have strong ethics and living by them. This is all about earning your team’s respect. You can talk all day about doing the right things – but you need to walk the talk, and your subordinates will follow your example. Once you have their respect, they will stand by your every business decision. The less second guessing on every decision, the better chances of positive results.

Ask For Advice

It does not matter how well you know the industry, change is constant in business. Set your ego aside. You do not know everything. Ask for advice if you are not sure of something. Great leaders are always willing to learn new things and the easiest way to learn is to learn to ask questions.