“If there’s no challenge in your life, then there’s no enjoyment in your life.”

-David Tian

When was the last time you challenged yourself? When was the last time you set something for yourself that took you way out of your comfort zone? As we grow older and go through life’s challenges, we pick up a few useful things along the way. Things like new insights or lessons that help us get through the next part of our journey. However, once we’ve reached a certain stage of our life, most of us tend to stop and stay in our comfort zones. Challenging yourself took you this far. Why stop now? Why stop when there is just so much yet to accomplish?

According to a study, 92% of people don’t achieve their goals. How do the rest do it? They set challenging yet realistic goals. It’s not enough to just set a goal. You need one that will challenge your skills. Think of it as honing yourself to do bigger and better things. You might not get it the first time but I assure you, if you keep at it, you’ll eventually get it. Hey, you can always stay comfortable but where’s the fun in that? Challenge yourself. See how far you can go.

Learn Something That Interests You

Has something really piqued your curiosity but was too busy to really look into it? The best time to learn more about it is now. It might be a new business venture or developing a new skill. Whatever it is, there are online classes or courses that you can take that will help you gain a better understanding of whatever it is that interests you. You can even do your own research about the topic. This is the age of the internet. Use it.

Give More Focus To Your Health

Not all of your focus has to go into making sure your business succeeds. Your health also needs your focus. It’s a fast-paced world and most of us forget to look after ourselves. Challenge yourself to do more for your physical and mental health. Yes, running your business is a priority but it’s not worth sacrificing your wellness for it. What you do for your health today determines your quality of life later.


Technology is awesome but too much of it can disconnect us from the people around us. Try this as a challenge. Don’t use your phone or computer for a day. During this time, reconnect with the people around you. Interact with your family and friends without using your phone or computer. You’ll find that it’s more meaningful, enjoyable, and genuine.