Benefits of Coaching

Most people are simply unaware of the benefits of coaching. Having a coach provides you with a whole new level of awareness that you are unable to realize on your own. Your coach will be able to recognize issues standing in your way and allow you to analyze your actions and strategies from a completely different perspective.

If you are new to the business industry, your coach can help you develop techniques to grow your business. A knowledgeable coach with actual experience in successfully running a business can identify tried and tested strategies that you can use.

If you have been doing business for a while, even when you are doing well and confident in your skills, you still need a coach. Regardless of the knowledge or skill that you have acquired right now – you can be better. Life is an unending process of continuous learning. You need to constantly develop and hone your skills in order to stay on top of the game.

Learning from someone who has been in the game for far longer than you saves time on the trial and error that you would normally have to go through when trying to come up with a workable solution to any issues that may come up during the course of the business. A coach will help you stick to your vision, steer you to the right path and help you reach your goals in a timely manner.

Why is coaching important?

Why is Coaching Important?

If you were to ask twenty people right now for one word that they would associate with coach or coaching I am sure you will get plenty of similar answers with motivation, confidence and accountability making the top of the list. And they would be correct.

A coach should be able to help motivate you and provide you with the needed boost of confidence when you hit a slump. A coach should be able to influence you, identify areas of improvement and correct your behaviour when necessary. A coach should be able to keep you on track and hold you accountable to your commitments.

There are plenty of other words you could associate with coaching but the bottom line is, a coach should be able to boost your performance, improve your track record and ensure positive results. These are the benefits that you can get from a great coach.

But do you know the mark of a great coach? A great coach produces WINNERS. Because ultimately, that’s what we are all here for. We are here for the WIN.

When Should You Get a Coach?

When Should You Get a Coach?

Now that you have read the benefits of coaching – when is the best time to get a coach? Regardless of whether you are new and struggling, or if you’ve been doing business for a while and planning to expand – if you don’t have a coach yet, now is the time to enrol in a coaching program.

If You Are New To The Business

If you are new and you are venturing into business for the first time, you will be well served to hire a coach – someone who has had years of experience and successful at it. As a newcomer, no doubt there are plenty of instances where you feel unsure of your strategies. You can take advantage of the advice and suggestions from a seasoned veteran in the field.

If You Need A Fresh Perspective

Even if you have been doing business for a while, there are times when you just a new perspective – and some new strategies to jump-start your business. That’s where a coach comes in. A coach can easily provide you with a fresh set of eyes and allow you to look at your situation differently.

If You Are A Veteran

If you have been in business for a while and your business is doing well – do you think you still need a coach? You may be surprised to know that the answer is indeed – yes. You can benefit from coaching even if you are a veteran in your field.

In sports, all good athletes have a coach. Anyone who wants to make it big in his or her chosen sport makes it a point to hire a good coach. It does not stop even when that athlete hits the top spot. Even athletes at the peak of their careers like Mayweather, Curry and Beckham have a coach. The keyword here is ‘improvement’. The coach helps the athletes improve their game. It’s not just athletes who need a coach.

As a leader and a businessman, instead of helping you with physical challenges like your swing or form, your coach will be called upon to help you address mindset and behavioural issues. Your coach will help you focus on your personal growth – addressing circumstances that block or prevent you from moving forward.

Don’t wait until you’re in a slump or until you’re experiencing difficulty in your business before you get a coach. Coaches are not there simply to assist you whenever you find yourself in a difficult situation. Coaches ensure that you are continuously learning and improving. With coaching, you are assured that you are constantly making progress. Your coach’s primary concern is to help you become a better version of yourself.

Qualities of a Great Real Estate Coach

Qualities of a Great Coach

So what are the qualities of a great coach? In Australia alone, there are plenty of coaches who offer similar coaching services. In order to enjoy the benefits of  coaching, you need to be careful in selecting a business coach.

How do you ensure that you are enlisting the help of a great coach? What traits should you look for, and what areas should you consider when looking for a coach?


Check how he communicates with you. Does he reply to your messages promptly? Does he directly address your pertinent questions and concerns? A great coach keeps the line of communication open. He does not have to be available 24/7 but he does have to be there when he is needed. Not only that – a great coach should be able to interact with you on a personal level.


All of us have different strengths, circumstances and challenges. Your coach should be able to identify your personal challenges and work with you in addressing them. A great coach does not rely on template emails and generic solutions. He should be able to get down with you, pinpoint the exact areas that you need to work on and suggest a fix that is appropriate for your situation.

A great coach should be pleasant to interact with. Someone with whom you are able to trust and connect with on a personal level. Someone with whom you are comfortable with sharing your goals, triumphs and setbacks. After all, your coach will be with you for most of your journey. You should be at ease and looking forward to the coaching sessions in order to get the most out of them.


Your coach should be sincere in wanting to help you attain your goals, and not just in it for the money. Does he make time for you? Does he listen to you? Does he pay attention to your issues and challenges? Does he take time to consult with you and suggest ways of overcoming those challenges? Does he go out of his way to follow up? The answer should be yes to all of them.


Like a leader, a great coach should have a plan. Once you discuss your short-term and long-term goals with him, he should be able to lay down a concrete plan on how to help you achieve those goals. The plan should be detailed – every task and activity properly outlined and prepared in advance. Your progress should be checked routinely to make sure you are on track. He should be able to provide you with an honest evaluation and let you know if you are falling behind schedule.

Work-life Balance

A great coach understands the importance of work-life balance. This is why we work so hard for success – so we are able to enjoy the other aspects of life. As you are working towards achieving your goal, you also need time for yourself and your family. Look for a coach who has a good work-life balance. This is a sign that he recognizes the importance of family and personal time.


When looking for a coach, make sure that your coach has industry knowledge and credentials. Your coach will act as your guide, and a deep understanding of the industry is necessary. This is something that can only be attained through years of first-hand experience. A great coach constantly updates his knowledge by keeping tabs on the latest news and development in the business. This ensures that the methods being used and the knowledge he imparts during coaching sessions are useful and relevant.

In order to experience the benefits of coaching, your coach should possess the qualities enumerated above. You can ask for referrals from your friends and acquaintances. Check their coaching style – each coach may have a different approach. Some people prefer group coaching. Some people prefer one-on-one. You just have to find the best fit for you. And once you do, make sure YOU are ready. Open yourself up to new ideas. Let go of your preconceived notions, and get ready to see yourself in a different light. And most of all – get ready to learn.