Greg Smith – Outta The Box

By May 14, 2024 No Comments

Greg is an ‘Outta The Box’ marketing genius and Master of Client Retention.

You know when you spend a fortune each month on digital marketing and nothing happens?

Greg and the Send Handwritten team help you secure meetings with difficult-to-reach decision makers.
When not helping with Lead Generation, Greg helps clients velcro existing clients to your business. Let em know that you care and that they matter with unrivaled message cut through, anywhere in the world.

Greg’s secret weapon is handwritten greeting cards that arrive in an exquisitely designed and ‘branded to you’ envelope. Waxed sealed!
And…wait until you see the suite of handwritten digi-cards. Greg’s even got Morgan Freeman on his team for personalised, audio digi-cards.
Greg recommends Connection, Collaboration and Appreciation to rocket fuel your business’s profitability.