Elaine Harvey

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I’m Elaine Harvey, wife, mum (my greatest life achievement), and the founder of Lullababy SOS. I’m an Early Childhood Educator and a Certified Paediatric Sleep Consultant. Since establishing Lullababy SOS, I have worked with over 10,000 families, both in Australia and globally. I help mums and dads with all things baby and Toddler related with a particular focus on sleep, settling and routine.

I grew up in Ireland in a large extended family and from a very young age it was clear that I had a bit of a baby obsession. I will admit I played with dolls for a lot longer than was typical for the average little girl. My upbringing like many wasn’t fantastic, but it shaped who I am today, and for that I’m grateful. One of the driving forces behind the career path that I’ve chosen is that I wanted to be sure that I could break the cycle that I grew up in. I wanted to know in my soul that when I held my child in my arms for the first time, that I could be the best mum to them that I could possibly be. It took some therapy, more than ten years of working with young children full time and never once feeling the need to raise my voice or lose control to convince myself that I’m worthy of being a parent. This was always my secret fear and the driving force behind my obsession with parenting, early childhood development, maternal attachment, and mother-child bonding. This is also one of the driving reasons why I’ve wanted to support other parents.