Ep24 – Simone Fogarty

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Simone Fogarty is a highly decorated property manager with a remarkable track record in the real estate industry. She has received numerous accolades and awards for her excellence and commitment to providing the best service to her clients. Simone is also recognised for her expertise in property management and her comprehensive understanding of sales.


Simone has achieved finalist status and received awards in various property management competitions.
She actively contributes to the property management chapter for AR New South Wales.
Simone has a comprehensive understanding of sales and stays abreast of the latest legislative changes.
⏰ She believes in the timeless values of hard work and providing the best possible service to clients.
Simone is adaptable and forward-thinking, always ready to adjust to market conditions and industry changes.
She highlights the issue of affordable housing and the need for government intervention to address the problem.
⏱ Simone is working on improving her time management skills and finding ways to switch off from work to focus on personal life.