Ep23 – Stuart Ritchie

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Coach James Short of Leading and Growing Your Real Estate Business Podcast introduces our next guest, Stuart Ritchie. a seasoned real estate professional with extensive experience.

Stuart Richie has a Bachelor of Land Economics and expertise in property development, valuation, and portfolio management.
️ He has been an auctioneer for 13 years, conducting over 4,000 real estate auctions and over 100 jewelry and watch auctions.
Stuart has received multiple awards, including two-time AGR Auctioneer of the Year and two-time REI New South Wales Auctioneer of the Year.
️ He emphasises the transparency and efficiency of auctions, highlighting its benefits for both buyers and sellers.
Stuart discusses the auctioneer’s role in the sales process, highlighting their importance in the final 2% of the process.
He stresses the significance of the relationship between agents and auctioneers, built on trust, consistency, and rapport.
Stuart reflects on the qualities that differentiate a good auctioneer from a great one, focusing on their ability to navigate pivotal moments during auctions with skillful dialogue.
He underscores the importance of understanding buyer psychology and effectively guiding them through the auction process.
Stuart shares insights into the exclusive relationship between auctioneers and agencies, emphasising the benefits of quality control and mutual understanding in achieving successful outcomes.